Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dia Dos!

Dear Daddy:
I woke up bright and early this morning (6:15)! Mommy is really tired tonight but I am fast asleep. Brother is reading and about to close his eyes. We didn't take any pictures today but we will for sure tomorrow! Parker and Mommy went to FBC Belton for worship this morning and I stayed with Pops, JuJu and Uncle Buddy. It was really fun! After lunch, Mommy and Parker played with sidewalk chalk and then went swimming. Parker came back inside and crashed with Pops in his bed! Mommy told me they were super cute...I slept the whole time! Great Uncle Mike, and Jessica and her friend came over for a great dinner! We had such a good time together. Mike told us all about the fire at his house and how he is getting everything back to normal. Parker had the hiccups before bed and he prayed, "Pray I God for my hiccups to be gone...get rid of those hiccups!"

Hopefully you are almost to the camp site by now! Hope everyone gets settled quickly and gets a good nights rest before the first day of camp tomorrow! (PS: Everyone in Belton is still in school this week!)

I love you Daddy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day One Recap!

Parker ended the day in luxury...a bath while he watch Thomas the Tank Engine on the flat screen! It was hilarious! He laid back in the water and said, "ahhh". I'm sure this will be a nightly treat while we are here!.

So, for my 30th birthday on Friday, Parker picked out Thomas the Train cupcakes with different engine rings on each cupcake. They, of course, have become a new toy! He is wearing all 6 rings in this picture.

Matching game!

FLOOR TIME! After I enjoyed a fun brunch with Kristin and few of her friends, it was time to be with the boys on the floor! I love this...and it's always great to catch up with Kristin!
We are praying for camp, Bradley! We know it will be a great week for you and the students. We are praying that the hearts of the students will yearn for the Lord now and always. May it be the BEST camp ever...for HIS glory and honor alone!

Pops took Parker to the "property" and they mowed with the big air-conditioned tractor! Pops had this hat for Parker. Parker loved being a helper but was so curious as to why there were so many bugs on the windshield!

Parker found a new place to sit...the coffee table...somehow rules at home don't apply at Pops and JuJu's...sometimes!

Tate had a GREAT day! He slept all night last night and was up at 7:30 am ready to go! He is full of sweet sounds and smiles! I've enjoyed lots of holdin' time with Tate since the routine chores and such at home don't have to be done! I can definitely call this a vacation!!

Parker has pretty much played with this Noah's Ark.

We are so blessed to be able to spend this week with Pops and JuJu. The highlight of Parker's day was when the "red truck" drove was Uncle Buddy! Chris is here for several days and I'm sure that Parker will keep him busy and entertained! I must note that I have the two best traveling kids ever. No tears, no running off, always being a helper (Parker), and just being a complete joy to me! I wasn't so sure traveling with two boys by myself from Amarillo to Austin would be on my list of fun 30th birthday activities...but the conversations were great with he put his arm around my neck, squeezed me so tight, while we were in the plane and said, "together forever"...that was the greatest gift and blessing in the world (his little mind is amazing...i cannot wait until he totally understands forever means eternity with Jesus!!) The first 30 years were let the good times role!
I miss you, I love you, and I'm so thankful to be your wife! Get some rest tonight...more tomorrow!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer is Here!

Summer is here! We enjoyed a picnic lunch and playing at the park this morning. As we were leaving, the ice cream truck drove up and we treated Parker to a Spiderman sherbet! He loved you can tell! He is fast asleep worn out kiddo...and Tate is just babbling away! Going to get ready for our date tonight!

Biggest Loser Update--Bradley won this week losing 2.15%! Great job!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Green Thumb!

Every year for Mother's Day, Bradley tells me to GO! GO to the greenhouse and enjoy! So, I GO and enjoy! Time by myself, letting my mind think of nothing other than what flowers I would like to try planting, what worked before, what didn't work, etc. My project isn't complete, but here is my first completed pot for this summer! I really want to start a garden, but we are out of town so much during the summer, I'm not sure it would survive!

The other project was cleaning out the garage...more so the treadmill wouldn't have Parker's John Deere tractor on it so I can workout and dominate in the Biggest Loser competition between us...see previous excuses now! I know it's hard for some of you to believe, but it's still a little cool at 6am and 10pm for an outside workout...the times I can the treadmill is a must!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Decade

Well, as you may have read in Emily's previous post, but I feel like there are a few things that I would like to add. When I moved to Amarillo in May 1999 I thought that I knew Youth Ministry, I thought that life would be so easy and I would move on to another church after 5 years or so. But what do I know, right?

Now, I have an additional degree and a half (two by the end of the summer), an incredible wife, two boys, and a mortgage. Now...I don't know very much about Youth Ministry and I am constantly amazed at how much God loves me. Here is what I do know:

I know that the smartest decision in my life was asking Emily to be my wife -- she supports me, loves me (even when I am not lovable). She is an incredible mother and loves her boys so much. She has a great family that supports us and teaches us so much.

I know that we are lucky to have our sons! Parker has a great personality, we just have the difficult challenge of fostering that and allowing God to grow him into an influential child of God. Tate has such a bright future ahead of him, I can't wait to see the boy that he becomes.

I know that we serve at the best church ever. The people of FBC are great, challenging at times, but a joy to serve.

I know that the staff that we serve with are the best!

I know that the students of FBC are both great and a complete blast.

I know that I am proud to have a family that supports me. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming up to see us and to celebrate with us. Thanks brothers for helping me when needed and for teaching me so much.

I know that I am excited about the Rangers being in first place, however I don't want to be too excited, it i only May.

Now on to the next decade, wow Emer I am old.



The Biggest Loser!

Uncle Chris--you would be proud of Parker..."chin" presses and weight lifting...pretty good for a 3 year old! Bradley and I LOVE to watch The Biggest Loser...we started our own biggest loser competition (Gotta get rid of those last few baby pounds)! We'll post updates as we have some...this is our first week! The winner of each week gets a specified amount of money which can be accumulated or spent each week! Should be fun...stay tuned!

10 years

After pictures

Our family


We also celebrated Bradley's 10th anniversary at FBC Amarillo! 10 years! WOW! I tell Bradley that this simply means he is old...jk B! So much has happened over the past ten years...both in ministry and in our lives! Bradley went from part-time associate minister to students, to full-time interim, back to associate, and then minister to students. He graduated from WTAMU with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communciation, will graduate July 25th from WBU with his masters, we met, dated long distance, married, bought a house, had Parker and Tate...and all the "life" in between those major events! Ten years ago, I had just completed my junior year at Baylor and was praying for the Lord to reveal to me what life would look like after my Baylor days were over! I knew He had great plans for me...but He definitely blew me out of the water with meeting the love of my life and doing ministry with him! Other youth staff (the days of Bradley, Bradley, Emily, Emily and Don and Shawn...Reed and Amy...BBJO), have come and gone...every person bringing their best talents to the table. Many, many students have come through his ministry over the 10 matter what "type" of student he has encountered, he treated each one as he should...a unique creation of God, made to love Him and expand His Kingdom. We work with the greatest staff in the world! Congrats Bradley! I'm so proud of you and honored to serve with you! I love you!

Dedication Weekend

Parker takes his place on the stage

Getting ready to entertain the congregation

The end of acting like a lion

Family picture with Howie (Parker LOVES Howie...can you tell??)

Our family!

Swimming at the hotel where all the grandparents stayed!

Time with my dad!


Bradley's parents and Parker

Pops, JuJu and Tate

Mommy and Parker

I tried to prepare Parker with what would happen for Tate's dedication prayer and blessing song. Because we are staff members, we were in both services...Parker did great in the first service and his true colors were bright and bold in the second service. The preschool staff bring in the kids as the invitation is being sung. Parker bolted straight to Howie who then picked up Parker and finished the invitation. In the second service, Parker again bolted to Howie and decided the stage was a perfect position to entertain the congregation. He found people he knew and waived to them, gave his best lion interpretation, and directed the blessing song with Dan! It was quite the show! Tate was so good for both services. The sermon was on the birth of Samuel...and the faithfulness his mother had. Parker and Tate are truly gifts from God; blessings for me to enjoy but I know that they are really God's children. I am honored to be their mother, to strive to raise them in the way of the Lord...making eternal differences in this world! Lord, help me to raise the boys for your honor and glory!

The weekend was wonderful. All the grandparents were here and we had a great time! Thanks for making the 8 hour trip to Amarillo! It was very special to us.

2 months

Tate weighed in at 13 pounds 1 ounce and 23 3/4 inches long (90th percentile for both length and weight!) at his 2 month well check appt. After three shots and the roto virus oral immunization, he pretty much slept all of Friday and Saturday! He went to sleep last night at 10om and I WOKE HIM UP AT 8am today...amazing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So Bradley made an insane trip to Dallas for a Rangers game on Sunday. Insane to me because he drove 6 hours Sunday, went to the game, and drove 6 hours back to Amarillo on Monday morning! I suppose the 6th row, free tickets from Chris had a little something to do with it! I'm glad he had a chance to get away...and the Rangers won! Parker wanted a "T" hat...he said it was for Tate! He was very excited to receive his "T" hat!

On a side note--Parker likes to have coloring concerts...I have no clue where he got that name for coloring and using stickers...but that's what he calls it! This is what he is working so hard at in some of these pictures!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My two boys!

when a picture is taken, parker opens his mouth!

and again...with a messy face! tummy! tate would be totally fine on his tummy ALL the time!

tate's smiles are precious! here is a tiny one...not fast enough to capture on the camera just yet!

8 weeks

Tate is 8 weeks old time flies! This picture is Tate trying his best to wake up to eat. He eats every 4 hours...or there about...7ish, 10, 2, 6, and 10pm. He is sleeping pretty much all night but wakes around 3:30am thinking he should eat. I weighed with him the other day and I believe he is about 13 pounds. 2 month appt is this Friday and dedication at FBC is on Sunday morning. We cannot wait for all the family to arrive! Looking forward to a really special weekend!


Parker loves, loves, loves for people to come over! As soon as he hears someone is coming, he wants to wait at the door or on the front porch for them to arrive! This is a really great thing, since I love, love, love to entertain! This was Saturday evening...awaiting the Chaddick's arrival!