Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Products

Here are two things that have made our lives much easier over the past few weeks...I thought I would share with all my mommy friends:

Dr Smith's diaper cream--we found it at a pharmacy for about $8 and then at Walmart for around $6.

Itzbeen--device with 4 different timers (diaper, feeding, sleeping, etc.) I could keep all this straight with the first baby but with a toddler running around and keeping my full attention, this helps so, so much! I found it at Target...around $20.

Hope these things can help you out, too!

Have a happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Days!

Time to clean up

Visiting our new neighbors, Seth and Kimberly

Demolish the snowman...every time Bradley would get the snowman going, Parker would jump on it!

I'm stuck, Daddy!

This is the biggest snow Parker has seen!
Tate and I took pictures and ran the video camera!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 week appt.

Tate is a growing boy! He weighed in a 9 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 22 inches long on Tuesday morning! Maaytah was very pleased with his growth...measures like a 6 week old!

Parker is back to preschool this week and is loving his normal routine! Parker's love for Tate still amazes me. He isn't selfish with sharing him and he is really sad when Tate has to go in his crib for a nap. Parker generally sleeps with his door cracked, but we recently convinced him that Tate might wake him up...and with a little bribery...the door is now closed at night! This is a huge breakthrough...even if it is small!

Tate is still sleeping and eating very well. Bradley is off work this week to spend some time with us after his trip to the border. The mission trip was wonderful! Uncle Buddy (Chris) comes to visit next weekend...Parker is most excited about his visit, going to the airport to pick him up and for Chris to meet Taterbug!!

Enjoy these pictures of the boys...they are precious boys!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miscellaneous Pictures

proud momma! bradley and i call the hospital a "hotel". whatever you need, whenever you need it! we joke...even before tate was born...about going back to the "hotel"

pops and tate in the hospital

nanny and papa at the hospital

parker's new camera captures many, many, many pictures

juju and tate in the hospital

I love staying home!

the three of us had a picnic for lunch today...a special treat for parker

tate is beginning to enjoy his playmat

officer parker to officer momma, over! parker loves to play cops and bots (robots). we run all over the house looking for bots and being cops

officer parker likes to wear "pocket shirts" so all his "things"
can be put away and his hands are free!

parker thought all the pacifiers in the house should be in tate's crib AND on this baseball lovie

Tate is sleeping in his "big" crib now

play time!


yard sign

my dream come true! these boys are such a blessing! parker was very excited to have reading time before bed with tate and daddy. parker read while bradley and tate listened.

Parker, Tate and I are having a GREAT time! Tate is waking up around 12:30 and 4:15 each night and is ready to go about 8am each day. I try to nap while they are down during the afternoon...but there seems to be so much to do (like updating the blog, laundry, and the list goes on!!) We are excited to see Bradley this evening! Enjoy these pics!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We miss you, Daddy!

Dear "my daddy":

I miss you so much and I cannot wait for you to get back home! I'm ready to right in that BIG truck and to see Jill and Ryan, of course! Here are a few things I've done while you've been gone:

Trip to the mall with park and build-a-bear where I decided the kitchen was more fun to play with. I have a new baking set!

Sleepover with Cooper and Landri in the hotel...we went to dinner, swimming (indoors of course), and a movie with a snack in bed!

Kissing Tate ALL the time and being the best big brother in the world!

Barnes and Noble today to play with Thomas the Train. JuJu bought "Emily" for me and I used my money for a new Cars book with tools.

Tonight we are having a special dinner since it's JuJu's last night with us

Tomorrow is a play date with Mark and some other friends at the FLC. We get to eat McDonalds, too! Then, Nanny arrives and JuJu leaves to head back to Belton.

I love you my daddy! See you soon, pman

Dear Daddy:

I am changing so fast...already wearing size 1 diapers and in my big crib. Mommy says I'm too noisy and she isn't sleeping at all. This will help, I'm sure. I'm ready for you to be home to help Mommy wake me up to feed me. It's quite a chore, I hear! Thank you for serving our Jesus every day...even when it's a hard to say...yes, Lord, I will go.

See you VERY soon! I love you, Little Man (this is mommy's new nickname for me)

Hey, we are praying for safety, open hearts to receive the message, and health for everyone on the trip. Hope you get to check the blog soon. This morning, I found Parker with his stool at the side of Tate's crib, "petting" him. It was pure bliss and a super sweet moment for me. We, of course, also warned him about being too rough or getting inside the crib! I love you and am so excited to hear about the trip. We alll hope to be at the church when you arrive...depending on feeding schedule and such! I love you, Emer

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, we are home and getting adjusted to having a newborn in the house, but all is well. I am truly blessed to have a great wife and mother of the boys. Last night Parker woke up and was talking with Emer and then Tate woke up needing to eat. Emily walks back into the bedroom as if Tate crying was no big deal and feeds hims and loves him. I was so exhausted and she was too, but still had a sweet spirit...amazing. Here a few pics.


Monday, March 9, 2009

and then there were four

not a great family picture, but parker is totally loving tate right now. i'm sure there will be a few challenging moments, but right now we are enjoying some really sweet moments.

we think tate and parker look a lot alike

here is parker with our anasthegiologist, dr. swann (or miss jan to parker!), who met us at the hospital about 5am Sunday morning.

parker loves to play doctor; he had to hurry home and get his "tools"

William Tate Maybin's arrival on March 8, 2009 increased our family to four. A quick delivery weighing in at 8pounds 12 ounces and measuring 20 3/4 inches long, he is doing great. Above are a few pictures of his first hours of life!

Bradley and I will head home tomorrow (Tuesday) and adjust to our new "normal". It's so nice to have a queen sized bed to be in and Bradley can stay with me. He is a wonderful husband and daddy! I am so proud of our family.

We'll post more pics soon!