Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday pictures!

Parker LOVES to take pictures (Girls retreat weekend was fabulous!)

I seem to always take pictures on Sunday! Here are last week's pics!


On Sunday, we had three students baptized...and Bradley baptized one of them. Parker wanted to watch so I let him come to the first part of the service. It was a great teaching moment. Every time the person was raised up out of the water...Parker said "yyyyeeaaa, they are baptist-ing" very quietly! It was awesome!

Here is a photo of our big boy eating a popsicle with his shorts, belt, john deere boots...his hat didn't make the pictures!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


One can never get enough kisses!

Parkerman and Taterbug!

My big boy and I just playing in the floor!

My baby ready for bed after a day of fun!


These boys are my life! I love them, as we say often, to the moon and back and back again! I wouldn't trade these blessings for anything else in the world! With that being said, I've struggled (now and when I had Parker) for my continued role as a student ministers wife. While my household is super busy, so is Bradley and our ministry. There is always something going on and I could quite literally have the boys with a sitter 5 out of 7 nights a week. So, my dilemma is where to draw the line. This isn't simply entertainment for the students, but life-changing events that I desire to support and be a direct part of! As Bradley ingrains in our parent ministry...discipleship starts in the home. Well, if I have my kiddos with a sitter as often as we have an event, who is going to lead them? Tough questions, huh? Well, as scripture reminds us, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven; he makes everything beautiful in His time (Ecc 3). This season of ministry finds me on my knees, pleading with the Father to embrace His children, my kiddos, and these students now and forevermore and for these students to be Kingdom focused leaving behind the pettiness of life and trivial pursuits. My heart is now calm and I am confident and excited to keep Jesus as my focus. These are exciting days in our family and for the student ministry at FBC Amarillo! So, students, I may not always be there in person, but trust me that I am talking with God about you and praying for Bradley, Adam and Shawn as they lead you! Keep texting me with your concerns, requests and praises! I love you all! (Looking forward to our middle school OKC trip tomorrow and Girls Retreat on Saturday...be there!)

Baseball Days!

Playing in the garage because it was too windy!

The basket of balls for batting practice

Papa, Parker and Daddy

Swing batter, batter, batter, swing...

Bradley loves baseball and so does Parker! I promise this isn't a forced "love"! One of Parker's creative measures to NOT go to sleep is to ask his daddy if he can watch the Rangers for a few minutes. Bradley might occasionally get too into the game and might forget to send Parker to his bed! It's pretty funny. I'm not sure, though, who is more excited to play...Parker or Bradley...they are both pretty intense! Some batting days are great and then others are just bonding days! Baseball is not very popular in Amarillo because it stays cold so long and sometimes snows in May. I have a feeling this child will be playing soon...come rain, snow, or 80 mph winds!

Tate's 4 month pictures

Happy Taterbug...after the double ear infection was gone!
The serious side!

Tate has long fingers and toes and curls them up all the time!

He almost rolls over both ways. Rolling over on our bed is no problem, but the floor is a bit tricky!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Fireworks at 10pm...Parker crashed on the way home. I carried him in to bed and he didn't move until I woke him up at 7:30 this morning for church! He is napping now!

It was actually pretty chilly for the fireworks show. We covered up with some towels!

"Look, Mommy...let's swim!"

"Do you think the water is warm? Oh yeah, it's freezing...how about the hot tub???"

Right before bed...smiling is just too hard at that point in the day!

New toy!


Fried chicken (only once a year!) on the back porch after the parade!

Tate was such a good sport for the whole day. So laid back and enjoyed every minute!

We parked the 4runner in Canyon on Friday night to save our spot for the Saturday morning parade...thanks, Dad for the tradition...it works great even in Canyon, Texas!

Tate trying to nap (William Tate 4 months!)

Colt William Howard (6 months)

The whole crew! Parker entertained us all with his excitement and clapping for the "emergencies"...then came the John Deere tractors...then horses! "Now I need to potty, mommy"

Daddy and Parker takin a break!

Mommy and Parker before the parade started

We went swimming on Friday...this is how Tate enjoyed the afternoon!

My boys

Parker's first professional baseball game at the Dilla Villa

Whew! What a fun and memorable weekend! I'm exhausted...but making memories are totally worth it! I hope my boys enjoyed the weekend as much as I did! Now...on to swimming lessons, the return of the Russia mission trip, and a trip to OKC...but first, a NAP!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

For my dad...

A fundraiser at dinner tonight...Parker got a treat! This is a great version of Pops!

Dad--these are for you! We'll get some framed and send to you...or wait for the professional version!

My sweet boys!

You know you are a Dad when...

I am sure all of your parents have had moments like this, but this was my night...so far.

Tonight I was getting Tate's bath ready when Parker announced that he needed to poop. The only problem was the bathtub and the toilet are right beside each other. So I acted as if smelling poop wasn't going to bother me and continued to give Tate his bath. Well, Parker then announced, "Daddy, a little tee tee got on your pants, but it is ok because it will dry." Parker finished his sentence and I the see Tate shoot tee tee straight up in the bath tub. YUCK on both situations, right?

Well, not really. Here is why.
I know I am a Dad when my oldest son pee's on me and it doesn't bother me.
I know I am a Dad when my youngest son pee's in the bathtub and it is like nothing ever happened.
" when Tate is smiling at me from across the table at supper.
" when Parker asks, "Daddy can I sit in your lap to eat supper."
" when both boys look up to me, kind of scary, but I see it.
" when Tate wakes up at 7:30 on my day off and it doesn't bother me.

I am sure the list could go on but time to get Pman to bed. Have a great forth.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Four and Foreshadowing

Well, Tate went to the doctor today for a bit of a cough and what I consider wheezing (I could be a pulminologist due to my sweet Parker and his troubles!). Behold, Tate was wheezing and Maaytah looked at me and said, "let's just hope he isn't totally like his brother!" They are identical at the moment! Parker's first wheezing spell was at five months...and the rest, well, is history. I firmly believe the Lord can alter the course Maaytah thinks we are on and thus, that is my prayer. Maaytah said that if you have one kid with asthma, you are 50%+ likely to have another. At this moment, I think we'll stop with two! This makes me sad that we're "finished", confused because we really want more, curious as to how life will be without another female in the house, excited to get rid of maternity clothes, pass along baby clothes to those in need, and stay in shape. I am confident that the Lord will show us the path to take...may we have faith like a child and pray with expectant hearts.

Tate's stats at one week shy of 4 months: 16 pounds 13 ounces!!! My little one is sure growing...a wee bit smaller than his big brother at this age. We will wait to start any type of food until 5-6 months or until he starts waking up in the night. Another suggestion of the dr...waiting to start food can actually keep allergies from progressing! Really weird to me!

Parker is doing GREAT on his maintenance meds and we've had no "attacks" with traveling, etc. The Lord is good!

Happy 4th of July to all of you! It's my favorite holiday!! Be safe and have fun!