Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holdin' Time

I know this picture is hard to see but it is Tate and I rocking after lunch one Sunday afternoon. The Lord reminded me of my sweet orphan kiddos in Russia that I held for 4 hours in the summer of 2004. The orphans lloooonnnngggg to be held and have human touch. What a great thing is was for me to able to meet that need for a couple of weeks while I was in St. Petersburg. That experience will always be with me as the Lord gently reminds me to smile upon hearing "momma" for the 1,065 time each day; to stop and play often with my babies; to belly laugh with them; to join their world every once in a while; and to hold them, rock them, read and be close to them EVERY day. Just as Jesus, Emmanuel, came to be with us, I need to be with my children! Last week was a very trying week, but the Lord was sweet to give me a thankful heart and a calm spirit while meeting the needs of my precious boys and amazing husband.

Pumpkins or Punkins?!

Tate absolutely loved painting his pumpkin AND his clothes! Straight to the bath he went and on to a nap very quickly!

Time sure does fly...I can recall when all these punkins were added to our circle of friends!!

The whole crew that gathered that sweet, fall morning!

Landri Klair, Marci, Jason and Cooper Jaxon!

My two punkins!

What a fabulous weekend hanging out with punkins while picking pumpkins! The Bean's came to visit from Purcell, OK, we went to the Gee Farm to pick pumpkins and ended the day with a great fall lunch and pumpkin painting!

I thank my God for you and always mention you in my prayers.

Like Father Like Son

The boys and I were up at church a little early one Wednesday night. Parker wanted to sing, talk and all before the band started practice. I'm not sure if he will be a preacher but I do believe God is working on his heart for great and amazing things for HIS glory!

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. Jer 29:11 MSG

Monday, December 13, 2010

Time Flies....

We are having fun, loving on each other and making memories! I PROMISE pics and stories will be posted soon! Hope everyone is well, focusing this season on Jesus and the miracle His birth, life and death, and loving on your families!!

May the peace of Christ be yours now and always!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's Go Rangers...and a few other things!

Our family took advantage of the long weekend and drove to Dallas for a fun weekend full of family, baseball, Six Flags, and the list goes on....every game that could possibly be played in the DFW area was there over that weekend! Soooo fun for my sports-lovin' family! Pops and JuJu, Nanny and Papa came up and we all stayed at the Cooper Institute (where Chris works). I love that place. Reminds me of Baylor a bit...just calm and peaceful but you can also get a great shopping and workouts in too!

Ready, set...cheer!

The claw...

The Rangers lost this game against the Tampa Bay Rays...but it was a blast!!! Mom, Tate and I stayed in Dallas and enjoyed shopping and a wonderful La Madeline dinner!

Parker made friends with just about every person around the group!

Pops, Chris and Parker enjoying some sweet time together!

After a fun day at the Rangers game Saturday, we headed back to Arlington Sunday for Six Flags! The boys were perfect and I felt like a kid again! Tate slept on the way over to Arlington and was good to go until close to dinner! We are ready to go back SOON!!!!

Parker is so very sad he cannot ride the real Batman ride! We told him to keep eating good food, one sugar a day and drink water/milk and he will grow to ride that ride! Broke my heart but I cannot tell you how extremely HAPPY I am that he cannot ride. I used to love riding all the thrilling rides, but I just don't anymore! Weird I know but it's true!

They say it's your birthday...

Happy, Happy Birthday Parker Scott Maybin!!Parker turned five on October 4, 2010! We had a GREAT celebration starting with an early morning of presents...

followed by cinnamon rolls for breakfast, McDonald's delivered to Parker for lunch at school (ALL picked by Parker) and a class party complete with cake and lemonade (we LOVE his friends...they are so special to us!)...

When Bradley and I picked Parker up from school, he requested a trip to the fire station! We went to the newest station...station Amarillo! Because it's breast cancer awareness month, the first station was selling hot pink fire department shirts of which we are proud owners of now!! A great way to show Parker that we should ALWAYS think and pray for others. All proceeds went to support breast cancer research.

We ended the day with several friends stopping by to play, more presents, and talking to all of our family on the phone or on skype!

My sweet Parker!
Your dad and I are so very proud of you and love you very much! As I think about the past five years in how you and I have both grown, I am overwhelmed with God's goodness, grace and blessings. I am sloowwwllyyy getting used to being called mom instead of mommy and I'm so thankful to be your mom! Your birthday pictures pretty much sum up what you love...emergencies, superheros, baseball and church (these pics to come in later post!) could I forget your Bug! Thanks for your hugs, winks, kisses and zeal for life!! I look forward to seeing how the Lord guides your precious heart...stay close to Him ALWAYS!! Together forever!

Love you to the moon and back!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Mom and I worked up a little suprise for my dad's 60th birthday weekend! Bradley, the boys and I flew to Killeen on Thursday to join them for the fun! We started off with a fun dinner at Outback, cake and ice cream back at the house (the cake was AWESOME and Mom did such a great job designing it!), putting the kids to bed and then opening presents. Mom compiled 60+ facts/stories, etc from lots of family and friends to give to dad. He was so suprised and touched! We love you, Dad! Here's to 60 more!!!!

Tate ate an entire loaf of bread before dinner arrived!
Parker every he was going to say "surprise" to Pops!
It was just precious!

Here's the party planner and her little-est man!

Pops and Tate have this thing they do. Pops points to Tate and says "Tate". Then he points to himself and says "Pops". Tate only says Pop (over and over and over) right now, to which Parker says, "no, Tate, it's Popssssssss". I love it. I know exactly who Tate wants to talk to when he points to himself and says, Tate or Bug.

Tate was sure friendly to this waitress. He even helped her take the next table's order!

It was hot, humid and NO breeze! This Amarillo girl needs breeze. I used to run around that football field for 3 miles and run the stands too many times and I never blinked an eye. But now, now that I'm an Amarillio-ite, I need breeze, WIND! I really cannot believe I'm saying that because I complain about the 40-50 mph wind here ALL the time...maybe I'll stop!

Bleacher Creature Parker! Parker was able to run the length of Tiger Field with a bunch of Belton kiddos! He did great and had fun!

Tate and Momma in the stands. It was so, so fun to be in Belton and at the game on Friday! The band, the fans, and the score :( reminded me of my senior year! I'm pretty sure we
were 0-10 that year but not because of the lack of effort! I must say it is extremely weird to not know 99% of the people in those stands. Times are a changin' I tell you but Tigers fight, never die, never, never never...
Home is always good for me. I'm relaxed. I am with people who "get" me. These people have known me for years...the good, the bad, and the growing! I enjoy the fellowship with my parents and friends, love that we can still swim in September and my dad always has a new story to tell me! I drive by the house I was raised in on Sparta Road and I miss it; I want to drive up, knock on the door and show my kids all around someday. I look next door at what was my grandparents house and remember so many talks, walks and times on the swing. Now, don't get me wrong, things are different. There are more people, more roads, new parks and trails, more houses and developments, etc. The land where we kept our cows is now commerical property with businesses, apartments and a sub-division on it. And I'm glad. I'm glad that Belton is growing and I hope it's as good for the people there now as it was for me. It is the place I found my faith in the One who never changes, provides for me always, and holds the destiny of my heart and soul... and that, my friends, is where true peace resides!
Thanks, Pops, for directing me towards peace in Jesus
and for all you've done for me and my family!
We love you!

School Days!

Parker making himself right a home in his new classroom!

Parker's locker

Yay for new friends!

"I cannot wait until we learn the rules about computers and start using them"

Parker and Mrs. Middleton! We are so blessed to have her influencing Parker's life! She brings out the best in Parker and bases her classroom on encouragement, rewarding good behavior, and always learning! She is calm, confident, loving, and a wonderful role model for her "friends".