Monday, May 2, 2011

Seniors 2011

Last Thursday evening we started the beginning of the end with the 2011 Senior class at FBC A-town! We had a great time at the Country Club...dressing up, eating, laughing at old pictures and videos and seeing how much they have grown up! I told Bradley a few weeks ago that I haven't seen a group of students genuine, loving, forgiving, caring, trusting, selfless...all the way down to their core in a really long time. I love this group. They are leaders; leaders that love Jesus and His children. I pray that during their time with us that their faith has developed into their own and that they will only graduate from high school and not graduate from God! I cannot wait to see where the Lord leads...go students, be blessed, and remember your name! ;-)

My handsome date & silly husband! :)
NEVER a dull moment and I absolutely love that about him!

PS: We returned to a quiet house and enjoyed a relaxing evening only to have Tate wake-up throwing-up about 10:30...oh the joys of parenting! Wouldn't trade a minute of it though!

The Circus is in Town....

At Carver ECA!

Parker was a "strong man" and he played quite the part. Bradley and I laughed and laughed at the music - for example, the "poodles" came out to "Who Let the Dogs Out". Great fun for my pre-k-er, almost kind-er Parkerman! :)

The parade entrance into the circus!

Callie, sweet Callie...aka Parker's girl. Bare with me while I day when Parker got out of the car after school, Callie stuck her head out and said, "I love you, Parker." "I love you, too, Callie". Sweetness. Innocence. Love it!

Strong stage fright in Parker Maybin!

Love my strong man, washable marker mustache, mom tattoo and all!
Thank you Carver friends for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment and belly laughs!