Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christmas in September!

I was cleaning out Tate's closet, pulling out the "coats and hats" bin from the attic and stocking our closets for cold weather when I cam upon a special little hat! I found this "Baby's first Christmas" Santa hat that Parker wore...I had to get a picture now because it will not fit Tate come December! May the true meaning of Christmas be in your heart all year long!

MOPS go to the Fire Station!

Serious talking about why the other fire truck was not there!

Friends (and brothers) for Life!

Madison Clark and Parker

What a fun morning we had at the Fire Station on 34th and Western! Great friends and Parker LOVED every minute of the fire trucks! The station actually received a call while we were there so it was a great opportunity to talk to Parker about praying for the injured or hurting. I loved this morning with my bundled-up boys...what a gift! Off to Wednesday evening activities now that I hear Tate waking from his 3 1/2 hour nap!

Friday, September 11, 2009

6 months old!

Tate is 19 pounds, 6 ounces and 27.5 inches long. Average weight and height for a 9 month he is doing great! Dr. Maaytah increased his reflux medicine and was very pleased that he talked just about the whole time she was in the room and sat up on his own! He is still not rolling over...he has once or twice...but I think he is lazy! (Parker never rolled over either!) She didn't seem concerned at all! What does Tate do these days...stroller rides, less of the swing now, sitting up with toys all around, watching Parker, and jumps, jumps, jumps! He loves toes...not only his own that he sticks in his mouth...but anyone's toes (not in his mouth of course!). He just likes to watch feet move! We sure love our Bug!

This is how we roll...

I refuse to buy a double walking stroller...Parker is ALMOST ready to ride his bike with us while we walk! The tractor will do for now!! We generally walk to the school or to the Dickson's house where Parker gets to pick a cucumber and bring it home! Yummy snack and fun times!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

project 7

Ok my friends...check out My sweet friends Tyler and Taylor Merrick founded project 7 and it is so amazing!

this is directly from the website! please support their cause. books a million and whole foods carry their products now...

Project 7 was developed on a cold fall night 2 years ago when the thought of the 7 deadly sins came up. I began to do some research on the history and origin and had a simple thought. What if man in his selfishness instead of focusing on abstaining from the 7 sins worked to help those that were a consequence of one of these 7? What if the “glutton” in this example which I fall into regularly stopped focusing on myself and started focusing on helping those that were starving. So take that concept and spread it over what we call the 7 most critical areas of need in the world, hence the name Project 7. So then the vision started playing itself out and I needed something to help get this initiative out there. So having a consumer goods background and a heart to see real change come about this company was created. I believe like most of you, that if we spent more time helping others, we can in fact, “Change the Score.”

Enter Project 7, a consumer goods company passionate about social change and dedicated to addressing the seven most critical areas of need in the world today, as determined by Project 7—Build the Future, Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Help those in Need, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, and Save the Planet. No matter people’s political affiliations or background, these seven issues strike a chord in the very fiber of mankind


“Change the Score,” Project 7’s basic mission, strives to build a better world by creating a collective awareness and improvement in the seven areas of need. We believe there are others in the world who feel the same way they do but a lot of them just don’t know how. The company’s goal is to bring to market everyday products— the first of which is bottled water—that consumers can easily purchase in order to effect change across the seven areas of critical need. We are redefining the way people think about business and the products that are on their pantry shelf.

Project 7 will take more than 50 percent of profits from its products to create a community piggy-bank. Throughout the year, the company will accept applications from nonprofits that benefit one of the seven causes, eventually selecting three finalists for each. Project 7 will then invite consumers to vote online for the organization within each area that will receive proceeds collected from consumer purchases throughout the year. In total, Project 7 will support seven different charities, each representing one of the seven areas of need in our world.


Project 7 allows consumers to “Change the Score” from start to finish with their purchasing decisions and by voting on which organizations will benefit, all while staying connected to nonprofits online to see the difference their funds are making in the lives of others. Project 7 will also have volunteer opportunities for consumers domestically and internationally with partner organizations. This means that our consumers literally can buy a product off of the shelf and watch the funds go out into the field in use. They can stay connected through our blogs, video updates, photo galleries, etc. We believe that the transparency factor of our model is unique in the fact that our community every year gets to see what we give. We don’t want you to just buy the product because you see a message on our packaging, we want you to know we are accountable in that process to provide updates and keep you included in this community.


Regardless of sales during its first year, Project 7 has committed to donating $15,000 to nonprofits supporting each of the seven areas of critical need, totaling a minimum donation of $105,000 in 2009.


On top of all of this we have created a non profit known as Project 7 Intl. where people from our community can donate additional funds to help “Change the Score”. This means that if you are a student who wants to set up a $7.00 a month auto debit to a business that would like to give $7,000 in one year we have a vehicle you can do that through that is tax deductible. We did this so we can help out these non profits that are doing great things locally and abroad who simply need awareness and funds.


Project 7’s bottles are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and are 100 percent recyclable. The company encourages consumers to recycle their water bottles, which it will make into t-shirts available for online purchase, with 50 percent of profits benefiting Project 7’s nonprofit partners. The t-shirts are 50 percent organic cotton and 50 percent recycled PET plastic bottles. On average, 5 recycled bottles are used per t-shirt.

Project 7’s packaging process is also unique. The company does not pack bottled water in trays that need to be shrink wrapped in plastic. Instead, Project 7 uses boxes made from 100 percent recyclable material and soy inks—a method that also saves energy since more product can fit in each truck using boxes versus trays. Using this method it takes only four trucks as opposed to five to ship the same amount in traditional trays.


Just like in our intro video said, we need you. We need you to spread the word about Project 7. Tell your friends, favorite non profits, neighbors and the family members that read your blog all about us. Ask your favorite retailers and eateries to carry our products. Put our stickers on your car, locker, skateboard or your friends car and send us the pictures of it. Buy the shirts, wear them to school, wear them to band camp or give them away as presents. We need a grass roots effort as we try to make the most of our resources and do not do any major advertising. Send us your stories, tell us what you are doing as this is a community of change. Together we can change the score.

Tyler Merrick, Founder

I think I'll call the bus

Telling brother bye for the day!

Going up the steps for his first day of 3 year old preschool!

Parker, Mrs. Lucille and Mrs. Cindy

Ready for school!

After getting home last night from Waco, this morning came REALLY early...but it was a great morning. I made cinnamon rolls for Parker on his spider man plate and loaded the car for his first day of 3 year old preschool! Last year was his first year of preschool but for some reason this year was really hard for me. It may be that I was working part-time last year while he was at school and now I am with him every day or the fact that he calls me mom now but probably the reason it was so hard was we were pulling out of the alley, Parker said, "Mom, I think I'll call the bus and have it take me to school next time." MOMMY CRIED! First I am now called Mom and second, he doesn't want me to take him to school but the school bus! AHHHH!! He is growing up way too fast! The teachers took a picture of the four of us before we left and he grabbed me so, so hard and said in my ear, "together forever".

Even though you are a fast-growing little boy, Parker, I pray we will be together forever with Jesus! Praying your first day is excellent and that you have a "yes" day with obedience, manners and friendliness. I await your arrival home...maybe we'll go get an apple juice slushy and talk about your day! I love you! Mom

NOTE: today is Tate's 6 month birthday! WOW! I'll post his pic, stats and what he's doing these days once we go to the doctor on Thursday. Parker is less than a month from turning 4! This here household will be receiving LOTS of shots over the next month...including "mom and dad"!

Bradley requested Mom's fruit pizza!

The boys played hard with Uncle Buddy! I'm so glad he could join us for our visit!


You cannot tell in this picture, but there was a fierce Wii competition going on while the boys napped...I didn't dominate that day, but Bradley and I were at great team when we played in Waco against Russ and Elizabeth!

Chris woke up Parker from nap one day...two peas in a pod!
Parker's first words were probably, "let's go swim now!"

We also were in Waco to celebrate Meadowbrook Baptist Church's 50th anniversary. This is the church Bradley grew up in and served as youth interim for a short time! It was great seeing everyone! Howie preached so Parker was super confused as to why ALL his cousins and family were there plus Howie (Howie is our pastor at FBC Amarillo!) and his family! We were able to catch up with a couple of our former students who are freshman at Baylor. We enjoyed dinner with Don and Emily Vanderslice with whom Bradley served under here at FBC Amarillo and at MBC...great friends! Kyle and Mary-Michelle Wilson were in town, too, so we met up with them Sunday evening! Those two are great...we love you! Keep Kyle in line MM! I, of course, left my camera and do not have pictures to tell these stories...but it was great!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Pictures

We enjoyed a trip to Belton and Waco for Labor Day weekend. It was family picture time for the Maybin family as we will not be all be together before Christmas! We had a great time...despite the heat! More details and pictures from the trip to come...