Tuesday, December 29, 2009


One night while we were at my parents house, Parker was playing while we were cleaning the kitchen. Parker came in and said, "Mom." He just stood there. I took a knee to get eye level with him and he hugged me so, so tight and then kissed me. I love you Mommy, he said. And off he went! He rounded the corner but looked back and said, "but you know who I love the mostest...Jesus". And that was it. My faith increased. Doubt ceased. Tears rolling. My mom just looked at me in amazement.

God hears our prayers. He hears our cries for help, times of rejoicing, anger, happiness and all the while increasing our joy in Him. I pray every night that Parker and Tate will love Jesus above everyone and everything else in the world...every day...to never stray from His love even for a second. God affirmed his hearing and His promises to answer in His time for me this Christmas. My life is forever changed. I was looking, reading, searching for something special this Christmas and all Jesus wanted me to do was to look for Him.

Tonight we were all listening to some music (one of Parker's favorite things to do!) and Parker said, "God made the whole world and me. When is he going to come down here?" I just looked at Parker and explained a little to him. Then he went on about his singing and thinking. There is a spark in his heart toward loving Jesus...may I build on that, encourage him and be a good example to him in EVERY situation. And in all of this...to Him be the glory!


The boys with Joy's family

A little Wii action

Parker...aka Superman...taking it all in!
Joy is our sweet grandfriend that takes care of the boys. We love Joy or "Caw" as Parker has called her since he could talk...and her family too! Thanks for touching our lives in a sweet way and for adopting us into your family. It's hard to not have family in the same town...to call in the middle of the night...to have childcare for a date night, etc, etc, etc! Thank you Caw! Thanks for letting us treat you (for once) to a work free, enjoyable, relaxing and fun evening!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Maybin Santa Stop #3

Family...I love my family. I love the way they love on me! I love the way Bradley finds a lesson to teach the boys almost every hour of the day but still lets them be kids. I love that Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us so that my family has the opportunity for be together for eternity. This gift is my treasure and I want it to yours as well.
Today. Christmas. Jesus' birthday. Rejoice. Celebrate as Mary did when she learned of her pregnancy. Worship. Adore. Don't ask questions. Think of yourself less. Think of Him more. Love Him. Serve Him. Remember Him. Not just today, but EVERY day. The Savior of the entire world knows you by name and loves you just the same. No matter your grim, filth, shame...He came as a babe with the sole purpose of taking that nastiness away and to make you new again. Embrace it and never be the same.

Here is a recap of our time together:

Surprises...wake up Uncle Buddy, Santa came! Wake up, wake up!


LOTS of Uncle Buddy time!

Fun in the floor!

A bit of laundry!

Some more playin in the floor!

Food...lots of good food and fellowship! Tate is trying to enjoy my nutrigrain bar!

Presents...lots of presents!

The excitement of Christmas in my children!

I love my boys!

Greatness...seeing Great Granny on Christmas Eve. We delivered a poinsettia and baked goodies to her!

Traditions...passing out candy canes to Belton/Temple area with Pops! Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

Heritage...Haircut with Shirley. We ran into Parker's great grandfather's good friend, Bob McGuire. He was so pleased to meet Parker, Bradley and Tate and to see me again. A little bit of grandpa was good to see this time of year!

Cousins...we stopped by Russell's house for some cousin time and a fun lunch!

Wii was a hit!

Puzzle time for Parker and Russell

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maybin's Santa Stop #1

Talking with Santa

Parker is always making friends!

Watching for the North Pole!

Special treat for Mommy, Daddy and Parker

We picked Parker up from preschool on Thursday afternoon with the car completely loaded and headed to Lubbock to ride the Polar Express train! We all had a blast! "Mom, I didn't know the North Pole was in Lubbock; we're so close!" said Parker. He was so excited to ride the train, talk with the conductor, listen to the story, drink hot chocolate and enjoy a cookie, talk to Santa whom we picked up at the North Pole, and the list goes on! This was a special treat for just Parker! Tate stayed at the hotel with Joy and was sound asleep when we returned at 10pm! I was really bummed when I realized I left my camera at the hotel in all the hustle and bustle of unloading, getting dinner and off to the train! Thank goodness for camera phones!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maybin's Santa Stop #2


Jennifer, Cale and Chloe

Sybil and Papa Great


Parker's favorite gift by far!

Present time!

Bradley always carves the turkey...and is pretty darn good!

Bug snacking on a MumMum to stretch him to lunch!

Parker making Tate laugh...and taking his picture

Tate LOVED Texas Roadhouse! He ate TONS of green beans, sweet potato and bread. He turns his head to baby food!

Nanny, Parker and Pa Paw

Bug happy happy after his Sunday afternoon nap!

Momma, Tate and Daddy

I know, I know...the post for stop #1 isn't up yet...it will be soon!

We arrived Friday afternoon to Robinson where we were greeted with much love from Bradley's family! Everyone came Saturday for our Christmas dinner and presents (boo for the stomach bug that attacked Russell's family and they couldn't come!). Sunday morning we went to Meadowbrook Baptist Church and enjoyed worshiping there. Parker joined us for worship and loved it...he was singing along to all the songs...even if he didn't know the words (much like his daddy!!) After a nice lunch with Cale's family we put the boys down for naps and had a quiet afternoon. The evening brought Christmas lights...and guess what...more food!! Ugh! Much exercise this week in Belton before Thursday and Friday festivities!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nine Months!

My sweet Tate turned 9 months old last week. He was a trooper with shots and the well check visit! He weighed in at 21.5 pounds (60%) and 29.5 inches (90%--average for a 13 month old! I knew there was a reason I was buying 12-18 month clothes (or digging them out of the attic!) He is going to be my tallest...more than likely! He is crawling/pushing backwards and gets very frustrated, plops on his belly and cries. I am TRYING to let him figure it out! He is eating table food very well and napping great! His newest thing is clapping. He LOVES to clap! AND he loves to grab my hands and clap my hands together. I think in his mind he thinks everyone everywhere should be clapping all the time! LOVE IT!

We are all looking forward to a trip to Central Texas later this week...with a surprise stop in Lubbock for a ride on The Polar Express! Merry Christmas to all...and to all...happy cooking! (it's dinner time!)

fa la la la la

We got the boys ready for bed and set out to look at Christmas lights and sing carols! It was a lot of fun!! We ended at the Dudley's house for dessert and presents! Parker was stoked about his Batman clock and Parker loved his crawling toy...now if he will just crawl!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a little christmas cheer!

On Saturday, Parker and I helped deliver gifts to elderly people in Amarillo with A Time To Share non profit-organzation. It was great! We joined with the Acteens and the Raines family. It was great one-on-one time with Parker! After we finished being "Santa" we took a meal to a lady in our ESL group from overseas; she is raising three children on her own until her husband is granted a visa.

Parker also handed out candy canes.

11th grade progressive dinner...crazy/ugly christmas attire and white elephant gift exchange! So, so fun!

Parker dressed Tate up as a shot'em up cowboy..."the nice kind" says Parker!

Parker set this all up! A new place to nap, mom! I told him to have fun pretending and then it was time to hit the real bed!

11th grade leads worship for Adult 8. What a blessing!