Sunday, September 26, 2010


Mom and I worked up a little suprise for my dad's 60th birthday weekend! Bradley, the boys and I flew to Killeen on Thursday to join them for the fun! We started off with a fun dinner at Outback, cake and ice cream back at the house (the cake was AWESOME and Mom did such a great job designing it!), putting the kids to bed and then opening presents. Mom compiled 60+ facts/stories, etc from lots of family and friends to give to dad. He was so suprised and touched! We love you, Dad! Here's to 60 more!!!!

Tate ate an entire loaf of bread before dinner arrived!
Parker every he was going to say "surprise" to Pops!
It was just precious!

Here's the party planner and her little-est man!

Pops and Tate have this thing they do. Pops points to Tate and says "Tate". Then he points to himself and says "Pops". Tate only says Pop (over and over and over) right now, to which Parker says, "no, Tate, it's Popssssssss". I love it. I know exactly who Tate wants to talk to when he points to himself and says, Tate or Bug.

Tate was sure friendly to this waitress. He even helped her take the next table's order!

It was hot, humid and NO breeze! This Amarillo girl needs breeze. I used to run around that football field for 3 miles and run the stands too many times and I never blinked an eye. But now, now that I'm an Amarillio-ite, I need breeze, WIND! I really cannot believe I'm saying that because I complain about the 40-50 mph wind here ALL the time...maybe I'll stop!

Bleacher Creature Parker! Parker was able to run the length of Tiger Field with a bunch of Belton kiddos! He did great and had fun!

Tate and Momma in the stands. It was so, so fun to be in Belton and at the game on Friday! The band, the fans, and the score :( reminded me of my senior year! I'm pretty sure we
were 0-10 that year but not because of the lack of effort! I must say it is extremely weird to not know 99% of the people in those stands. Times are a changin' I tell you but Tigers fight, never die, never, never never...
Home is always good for me. I'm relaxed. I am with people who "get" me. These people have known me for years...the good, the bad, and the growing! I enjoy the fellowship with my parents and friends, love that we can still swim in September and my dad always has a new story to tell me! I drive by the house I was raised in on Sparta Road and I miss it; I want to drive up, knock on the door and show my kids all around someday. I look next door at what was my grandparents house and remember so many talks, walks and times on the swing. Now, don't get me wrong, things are different. There are more people, more roads, new parks and trails, more houses and developments, etc. The land where we kept our cows is now commerical property with businesses, apartments and a sub-division on it. And I'm glad. I'm glad that Belton is growing and I hope it's as good for the people there now as it was for me. It is the place I found my faith in the One who never changes, provides for me always, and holds the destiny of my heart and soul... and that, my friends, is where true peace resides!
Thanks, Pops, for directing me towards peace in Jesus
and for all you've done for me and my family!
We love you!

School Days!

Parker making himself right a home in his new classroom!

Parker's locker

Yay for new friends!

"I cannot wait until we learn the rules about computers and start using them"

Parker and Mrs. Middleton! We are so blessed to have her influencing Parker's life! She brings out the best in Parker and bases her classroom on encouragement, rewarding good behavior, and always learning! She is calm, confident, loving, and a wonderful role model for her "friends".

Tri-State Fair with Pre-K Carver Dragons!

First in awe of the baby zebra...
...then so excited to feed that sweet zebra.
The zebra was surely ready to be fed by 130 pre-k'ers

Lunch time on the fair grounds followed by pig races!

All Mrs. Middelton's "friends" were excellent! I even adopted another precious little girl!

Parker best buddy, Brittan, and Parker are looking at me. Also in the picture is my newest little friend but I'm not sure how to point her out. Black, braids, hot pink shirt and the sweetest smile you've ever since!

Another pre-k class...crazy haired Callie (Parker's great friend) is in this class.

Belle, the milk cow, produced ONE gallon of milk in about 30 seconds. I sure wish pumping was that easy!!!

You can see Belle here just a little. We have a ton of dairies in the Panhandle or "the top of Texas" so we are blessed with hands-on learning from the dairy workers! During our time at the fair, we were also able to meet "thank a farmer every day" lady. She gave great examples of how much farmers produce...from baseballs, to lipstick, to eggs! She even did a few magic tricks! The friends absolultely loved it!

Bradley and I were both able to join Parker on his first field trip. I'm not sure if Parker was most excited about the field trip or that big, yellow bus that didn't require boosters OR seatbelts! Hmmmm. I left Tate at home with Joy so we could enjoy some one-on-one time with Parker....those times are few and far between these days!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Part-ay Weekend!

Double slip n slide down the hill!


Bradley and Parker enjoying the lake!

Tate and Colt playing ball

Carson takes the wheel!

and Callie

and Parker!

My sweet blessings!

my love.

Carson, Chancy and Callie

Tate all bundled up in a life jacket. It was a bit too big but he was a trooper.

We went from one party to the next last weekend...Lake Tanglewood for the senior back to school party, 8th grade swim party/lunch after church Sunday, and choir kick-off swim party. I didn't swim at any of them...WAY too cold for me! I know it was only 75 degrees but I'm still a Central Texas girl who is used to 100 degree days at the pool! It was so fun just relaxing and hanging out with the agenda, just talking about life and loving on one another! They are all a blessing to our entire family and we are so thankful for them! A GREAT school year is upon us...

Day Five = Red

Once a week, Parker comes home from school with an armband of the color shirt he is to wear the next day. Along with this, he experiences the same color play-doh and snack. He was so excited about "red" day (red is his favorite color) that he requested Tate to participate in color days. Here they are waiting for our friends to arrive for dinner Friday evening. There was a lot of chattering going on by both boys...who knows what they were discussing but I'm thankful for their blooming relationship!