Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Fever

The boys love to throw the ball on the roof with Daddy!

Picnics are our fav.

a little sidwalk chalk and two sweet imaginations! :)

...and when the wind is blowing 60mph and/or ole' man winter comes back to visit, we bring in the basketball goal, make a fire,

and have some more fun! :)
Be patient boys, summa-time is ALMOST here! Yippee!

One + One = 2

Happy 2nd Birthday, William Tate!

Thank you sweet Tate for completing our family!

It's no surprise that your party was all about balls! We filled the floor with these footballs and sat you right in the middle of them! B.L.A.S.T

Parker even went to get his Cowboys helmet!

Parker and Joy (aka Caw)

Jessica, Camden and Cliff Cary

Tate showing Skylnn all about the footballs

Trying very hard to be patient before diving in and playing catch!

Group shot...well at least I tried! :)

Three boys being silly, silly, silly!

Oh how I love you, let me count the ways! I thank the Lord for you every single day and pray that you will love Jesus with every breath he gives you.

Here is what makes you, you:
  • Keys and cars - you love to drive your cozy coupe all over the house with Daddy's keys. You come and find me, tell me hello, bye-bye, give me a kiss and then your off!
  • Blanket and pac - these are your comforts for bedtime and naptime! The day is coming my sweet one when the pac breaks! :)
  • Bubba, bubba, bubba - need I say more. You love Paker. You love to be right by his side. You don't like it when Parker wants to close his door and play. Two peas in a pod, I tell you!
  • Picky - you have your favorite foods - and when you don't want something, only a "treat" will convince you.
  • You have down your colors - blue. red. yellow. black. purple. pink. almost orange. blue is by far your fav. - and we are working on your abc's.
  • Singing 2010's VBS music is so much fun to you! I just end up leaving the CD on #9 and push repeat most of the time! I love that you love music!
  • Jump - you could jump all day long...whether on a trampoline or not! :)
  • Outside - you love to mow with Daddy, ride your tricycle, slide, swing, blow bubbles, chalk, take walks and just sit in your chair! (We are praying for less wind and more calmness so we can do this more ASAP!)
  • Prayers - you are a prayer warrior - you always remind us that praying comes before bites and before closed eyes! I love that you even tell Jesus "thank you bubbles".
  • You are ready for the potty!! And love to go sit on your new Cars potty!
  • You are holding a steady 26-28 pounds (50% in weight and 75% height). All your pants have to be gathered in the waist so they will stay on you and also be long enough!
  • Your smile and hugs melt my heart
Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful creation of William Tate Maybin! I pray his life is Kingdom focused and that He will not only enter the Gates of Heaven, but will enter and have a mile+ long of people with him because he lived a life that served You!

I love you Bug!