Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a Texas Ranger Par-tay!

Along with playing in the gym, Parker brought all of his baseball gear to start up a game with his friends. All of the older kiddos joined him and....

I enjoyed helping the smaller kids jump, dive, and play!

The line up!

Momma is supervising! Oops!
A little race after the baseball game!
Notice Parker checking out the competition (or himself) in the mirror!
Darcie Raines~sweetest friend and ministry partner!
Make a wish!
Nanny and I made the cakes and had so much fun!
Parker's biggest fans!
Nanny and PaPaw came to Amarillo for the festivities!
Most of our friends that joined us to celebrate Parker's life!

a bit of randomness...

Ready for a lil' baseball!
Dressin' up for a fun Saturday at home!
Mrs. Escobedo interviewed each student in Parker's class. This was Parker's response.

Happy 6th Birthday Parker Scott!

Wake up Sunshine! :) It's your birthday!

Parker and Desiray are just hours apart in age and have been in the same class for two years!

Sweet friends celebrating Parker! Tate was even able to join in the fun! Parker's friends are so welcoming and precious to us!

Parker requested red and blue cupcakes with Texas Rangers accents for his "Carver Party". He helped decorate and of course taste test with me! :)

Such a special day!

Parkerman~my first born~my son~my gift~
Your dad and I treasure you so very much! You've changed a lot this year - reading, writing so well, learning about Jesus and the Bible, leading Tater in the right direction with attitudes, actions and words. While it's hard to let you make mistakes and learn things on your own, it's also very exciting to see the choices you make! We pray each day that Jesus would live in your heart very soon and that you will allow the Holy Spirit to lead your every step! I love you my child~Mom

Your favorite things:
Playing baseball inside and outside the house
School days
Going down to Jillian and Caroline's house each afternoon after school
Bike rides
Football in the front yard with daddy
Treats at Orange Leaf or Braum's
"Callie" days - riding home with Callie and Carson on Wednesday after school
Donuts with Dad every Friday morning before school
NO naps during the week~only on Sunday between worship services
Dragon diner at Carver ECA
Bible study before bed~you are slowly starting to pray out loud but always share things that are on your heart and mind