Monday, February 14, 2011

disciple now

Disciple Now 2011 was AMAZING! I spent most of it with my boys, praying and driving students to and from the church! This is the season of our ministry where I am behind the scenes more than hands-on ministry...I'm thankful for the opportunity to pray without ceasing for our students and church family!

Cooking the boys' favorite foods was what this chef had on the menu!
It was fun to have help and they were super surprised! I can quote Parker directly, "this is the best day E-V-E-R!"

Parker writing a story.

Many, many phone calls to check on details and events...and to lift up my sweet husband!

Picture time with Momma!

a little dancin' and singin' (and a lot of readin'!)

LOTS of snow on that Sunday morning!

And smiles. Precious smiles. Not only from my children but also from the students as they shared about the weekend, learned the location of summer camp (speaker, musicians, etc), and beautiful worship! As I write this, I am SO over winter and snow, but I'm also thankful for it. Snow reminds me of how Jesus takes away all my imperfections and failures and allows me to represent Him, love Him and share Him!

I will praise Him from the bottom of my heart; Lord, who can compare with you.
Psalm 35:10

My Boys!

Playing with new toys from Uncle Buddy!

Resting with a movie and trying to recoup from a tummy bug!

Fun with couch cushions as slides and/or train tracks!

This is officially called a "bag party" at our house on
Friday afternoon or early Saturday mornings!

FULLY SUPERVISED...Tate and Parker throw what plastic bags we do get at Walmart up in the air and try to keep them off the ground! We are ALWAYS having fun around here!


I highly recommend these Camelbak's that came in the mail a few weeks ago! Here's to drinking MORE than 8 glasses of water each day! These are definitely helping!

PS: I am competing in a biggest loser competition at work...I probably won't win because I don't have that much to loose...
BUT, I can always be healthier and work out more!

I Can...


What a very exciting day in our home! Parker brought home his first book from school and read it to us! WOW! Momma was so proud and excited for him, I was crying! The books keep coming and I'm so thankful for his excitement and curiosity in figuring out each and every word!


This is my sweet William Tate at 22 months! He LOVES to play with balls and he is really, REALLY good at throwing! On this particular January morning, I was taking him downtown to eat lunch with Daddy and play a bit. He insisted that we take these balls AND that he hold them the entire drive there! I love my Tate! And now when I tell him so, he says, "yea" and shakes his head yes! Sometimes, he will say, "you"! He has at least 5 new words a week he "wiggles" as he runs to keep up with big brother Parker...aka, Bubba!

Fa la la la, la-la-la!

Christmas was simply wonderful. The thing I will remember most about Christmas 2010...

Tate saying "baby" all the way through the Christmas Eve service at FBC-Amarillo. I love this service each year that we are in town to attend because everyone is together. No childcare; everyone is in the sanctuary. The choir loft is filled with a beautiful manger scene (worth $$$$$$$) that was donated to the church. At first, I tried to shush Tate...but soon the Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that the "baby" is what Christmas is all about. Let the little child celebrate...and that we did!
This is a picture of all the children (including Tate)
on the stage for a time with the P
astor. So, so sweet!

Chris, Bradley and I also enjoyed the slops in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Chris' first time to ski and he did FABULOUS!) I was taken down by a inexperienced snowboarder (OUCH!) and decided to stay and sled with the boys the next day:

The boys loved playing the "cart game" with Chris in the lodge.

The boys cleaning up dishes after dinner!

We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas (after leaving a day early because of ice and snow...we stayed in Fort Worth...LOVE downtown!) for the entire Maybin family Christmas. We enjoyed family, the lodge, waterpark and ended our time with a train ride and lunch at Rain Forest Cafe!

And we had family time, great food, and a whole lot of loving on one another!

What a year! What memories we have! How we've grown! Thank you Jesus for a fabulous 2010!