Saturday, October 25, 2008


Pretty leaves are falling down, falling down;
pretty leaves are falling down, all through our town!

This is a recent song Parker is singing and really does explain what our home looks like! Hope you are enjoy this season of pretty leaves, football, family, and friends. We went to a 4pm AHS football game yesterday. It was so strange...just not the same as a Friday night football game...but it was fun to be with the students. I'm tired after a day of showers...both baby and wedding showers...but oh, so fun! Parker is snoozing and we are going to put our feet up for a few minutes, watch football and then cook dinner. Tomorrow is high attendance get your booties in church...not just because it's high attendance day for Baptist...but to sit at the throne of the living God who loves us no matter what and give Him thanks!

Muffins for Mom!

Tuesday was Muffins for Mom at Parker's preschool!
I loved every minute of it! It was fun to be with all his friends and play with them. The other mothers would say, "Are you Parker's mom?" And I would reply, "yes". "Oh, we hear about him all the time at home!" they would say. A proud momma I am! Parker is the oldest in his class and quite a leader. Parker enjoys all of his friends, but his best friend, Landri Klair is shown here with him eating muffins and with her mom, Marci! We love the Bean family! We are blessed to know them! In the other pictures, Parker is singing, yet again! He LOVES to sing...even really high pitches.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Weekend at Home!

"Here I go Mama!"
Parker sings ALL the time...and we love it! He even likes to sing "Glorious"
by our favorite band lead by Dave Crowder.

Mark and Parker hanging out before Parker's nap! Parker does EVERYTHING that Mark does!

We've been blessed with some fun trips over the past few weeks, but we are glad to be settled and home for a while. Parker told us that he LOVES taking naps in the car, but they (the cars) need to rest for a while! I'm sure Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! The weather is beautiful and we enjoy having four seasons so much! Hopefully it will freeze in the next couple of weeks so our allergies will get better! We plan to enjoy a few more weeks of Friday night lights with our students and some time outdoors before the first snow hits! Hope your weekend is a great one! Blessings to you all...

The Lord is wonderfully good to those who wait for Him and seek Him. Lamentations 3:25

20 weeks!

I've reached the half way point and have an appointment Monday! Yeah! This morning the church hosted a staff women and wives appreciation a good opportunity for pictures! What a wonderfu church family we have.
BIG prayer request--Bradley leaves for Mexico on an annual mission trip with the students March 14th (due date is March 9th!)--pray that Tate and I are home from the hospital before he leaves! Bradley can postpone his departure, but it would be great if we had a few days with two kiddos before he leaves.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the name is...

William Tate Maybin! William: after my dad (William Mack), great grandfather (William Kyle), and Russell (Russell William Bradley's brother)...and how could I forget lil' tiz (Tate Barrett)? None of these amazing men actually go by the legacy lives on...Tate is his name! We cannot wait to meet Tate. We are busy enjoying fall, traveling, Bible studies, hanging out with students, loving on Parker, and picking out things for Tate's nursery. I am 19+ weeks and doing very well. Keep praying for Tate's health, pregnancy, delivery and for big brother Parker as this new addition will surely rock his world! I'll post a prego picture soon! Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Smell of Money

The good 'ole Texas Panhandle smells like "cow" at times due to the many feed yards in the surrounding area...this morning was no excpetion. At times, the smell is so intense that one might think he was standing on a "cow patty". Parker has seen cattle trucks before and noticed that they really stink! So, this morning when Bradley opened the garage and we were loading the car, Parker said, "What do I smell? Cow trucks? I don't want any cow trucks in my house!" I just grinned at him and agreed that it did in fact smell like "cow"...which to some, is a wonderful aroma! I suppose we can hold our noses every once in a while in order to enjoy the 70 degree-no wind-fall!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Party Time!

Parker is 3 years old! WOW~time sure does fly! During the past year he has discovered the Cars that was the theme of the day! Ka-Chow! Pman, Bear, Punkin, Parkerman...just a few special names we have for our little guy. What a year of learning (potty, no pacifier, big boy bed, 1-15, months of the year, days of the week, shapes, colors, abc's...and the list goes on!), adventure (first set of stitches!), and a growing love for Jesus (can Jesus PPLLEEASSSE put the sun back up so I don't have to go to bed). My favorite story of the week...I was checking on Parker between worship and Sunday School two weeks ago as I do every week...there was a 1st time visitor that morning. I heard (never be seen until it's time to leave and ride the parking lot bus!) his teacher Ms. Linda say, "Parker, we have a new friend this morning. Can you show him some toys." Parker replied at the top of his lungs..."hi, this is my church, what's your name." Parkerman...I pray that you will always, always be a people-person, a person who loves being at church, serving at church and loving God's people wherever you go! You are my sunshine!

Enjoy the 3rd bday party pics!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's a Miracle!

We went to our 18 week sonogram today. At first, he wasn't very interested in "showing" himself to us...but we were able to see all chambers of the heart, blood flow, the brain and spine look great, all fingers, and VERY long legs. Once he turned, I immediately said..."it's a boy!" I told Bradley last night that I felt like I was carrying this one just like Parker! We are very, very thankful for a healthy baby boy and look forward to meeting him. We have pictures...but not on a hopefully we can get them scanned and posted soon. Keep praying for a heathly boy and pregnancy. Parker has been saying "she" for some time now, so we are changing his tune a bit. He was excited that he can teach the baby how to play with trucks, trains and cars! Once we decide for sure on his name...we'll post! Have a wonderful weekend and give God thanks for all the miracles in your life...even the little ones! Tomorrow--Parker's 3rd birthday! We are definitely counting our blessings.