Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cars 2

Parker is back at it with his "Cars" cars. He never really put them away...but they are definitely back out...with a few extra now! He absolutely loved Cars 2; it was Tate's first movie! They did great. Tate had to potty (yes, we are potty training) three times during the movie but it was still wonderful. We purchased tickets early on the day of the movie release and showed up about an hour before to get the perfect seats! No disappointments in this house! :) A guessing game is now in place between Parker, Bradley and me as to when the movie will be released on DVD. Stay tuned!

Vvvvvv V-B-S 2011

The Big Apple Adventure came to FBC Amarillo mid-June! It was a blast. Our sweet twin friends Emily Kate and Joshua and Noah and Chandler Wright came to VBS with us! Such fun! This picture is taken at the end of the day when the music is turned up in the parking lot while kiddos wait on rides....Tate's favorite part of the day! We are blessed by our church who hosted over 1200 people at VBS this year. To God be the glory!

PS: We will still be singing VBS music from the Big Apple this time next year. My kids have made it a tradition.

Chelsea - 2011 RHS Graduate!

Chelsea graduated from Robinson High School on Saturday, June 4, 2011! We are so very proud of you and love you!

Robinson Rockets school song is sung to the "O Christmas Tree" tune.

At graduations, I generally look at every pair of shoe that goes across the stage. We laughed so much at Chelsea's graduation because many of the heels were super-high and the girls couldn't walk in them AT ALL! We concluded that their skirts were too tight or they didn't know how to walk in heels. Oh so proud of you Chelsea - you knew what you were doing! :)

Wade and Carline a.k.a. Nanny and Paw-paw
Russell, Tate and Elizabeth
Mallory and Madison
And here she is...the graduate herself! It's picture time!
Jennifer, Jarrayd, Chloe, Chelsea and Cale Chelsea with Wade and CarlineMadison, Camden, Chelsea, Russell, Mallory and ElizabethCale with Tony Cline; Bradley's ban director in high schoolFamily time! Tate adores Mallory so much that she put him down for a nap!
Bradley and Russell!

Chelsea - the Lord has mighty plans for you my dear. Cling to him and the hope that is found in Jesus and He will reveal these plans to you and give you constant joy! We love you!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Break - Away 2011!

While this crew went to Breakaway 2011 (Youth Camp for FBC Amarillo) in Missouri,

Imagine a group picture
I will post later, when Bradley's computer is at home :)

the boys and I headed to Waco and Belton for the week! We usually go with Bradley to camp but had super fun graduation festivities for our niece Chelsea Maybin (separate post to follow) this year. Here's a little snapshot of the fun we had!

Tate, Chloe and Parker playing at the new park in Robinson.

Surely Tate isn't old enough to climb this on his own. "No help, Mommy. Me do it," so said William Tate Maybin! :)


Tate taking time to play in the dirt. My true little boy!
Just a swingin'...
and then more dirt!

Another morning, we headed to a place where I loved life, Baylor University, to look around and of course see the bear!

Baylor has changed so much but it still feels like home to me. I love to see everyone strolling through campus...a few running to get to class on time. It's a wonderful environment where Jesus is in the heart of many. I showed the boys where two of the places I lived and where I spent most of my time...Hankamer School of Business!
I never thought I could miss a place so much!

Parker outside the bear den.
The bear wasn't out but it was only 9:30 in the morning. I told Parker and Tate that the bear had a "college life" schedule and wouldn't be up until lunch.
"He'll be reeeeallllyyy hungry then Mom" said Parker.
Where is that bear?

We headed to the Spirit Shop where the boys enjoyed some air conditioning, each got a BU shirt and a teddy bear. It was so fun to see their excitement about BU. We are planning a trip to Waco for Homecoming 2011! Cannot wait! :)

Ahhhh...Belton! We drove to Belton for a couple of days to enjoy my parents and the pool!
Man, it's hot in Central Texas!
Lots of wagon rides and swimming!
Tate and Parker found Chris' old high school football helmets and had a great time "playing ball".
Mom and Dad were sweet to throw me a little birthday party after we picked Bradley up from the airport. I loved it but didn't get any pictures!

Cameron Park Zoo
Parker and Tate looking at Tigers!
Chloe and Chelsea went along with us! It was so fun to spend some time with their cousins!
Fun times sliding "through" the water!

Tate ready to go...some more! :)
These turtles did not move the entire time we were there!
Chlesea and Tate
The whole gang...thanks, Nanny, for taking pictures!
We watched this lion for a long time. It finally got up, promptly went to the glass with it face right up to it and roared. Tate clung to me and Parker mocked the lion. Priceless!
Tate was thrilled that this tiger went swimming!
Schools of fish AND air conditioning!
A little play time!

Just hanging around this town

The boys and Chloe swam at the Maybin's every afternoon after rest time.
Parker loves to lay out. In his words, "I'm just relaxing".
This kid has absolutely no fear of water!
Love these boys!

We are so blessed to just hang out with our family!