Monday, August 22, 2011

35 - it only gets better from here!

Waiting for Daddy to get home for presents and cupcakes
Tate - watch out for my booboo bubba!
Look Daddy! Repeat. Repeat again, and again and....
Tate's lovely, swollen and bruised forehead!

We love you B-rad. It is always fun to celebrate you! You are the man of my dreams and the best daddy to our boys! Bring it on 3-5; the best is yet to be!

OKC or Bust!

Landri Klair, Cooper Jaxon, Parker and Tate
Tate really attached to Landri this trip!
(yes, we are at Best Buy. While in OKC, I went to the apple store and obtained (for free) my 3rd iphone 4...and an otter box could not wait to be purchased cheaper on Man, I miss my shopping friend Marci!

We love going to Oklahoma City! It's a super fun place to hang out; the best part about OKC is that the Bean family lives close! The boys and I traveled up with the middle school students from church and went to the OKC waterpark. Then, the students went on to a baseball game (110 degrees=no momma with kids to game) and the boys and I enjoyed a nice dinner and a special treat before bed. It was just the best time! The next morning, we were up and ready to meet up with Cooper, Landri and Marci (aka Mar-Mar to my children). It was so fun just hanging out and then going to see the Smurfs. I wasn't so impressed with the Smurfs because of the crude humor, but my kiddos didn't pick up on it! Whew! Counting down the days until we see the Beans again!!

Skylyn Marie O'Neill

Skylyn was dedicated to the Lord on July 31, 2011, at FBC Amarillo. Skylyn is the granddaughter of our nanny, Joy! Joy and her whole family are a big part of our lives and we love them like our own family!

Bless you sweet Skylyn...and your momma Summer, too! May blessings be upon you sweet one. May the Lord lead your every step and make the path straight for your precious life!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily and Jonas!

This joint-birthday party was a Luau. Bradley told me before the party, pllleeeasssee, let's not dress up...we will be the O-N-L-Y people that do. Well, we ended up being the only people who were N-O-T dressed up! It was fun to see everyone's outfits...these were the only two pictures I took that evening. We were busy have too much fun! :)
Kenlee GrubbEmily & Callie Edwards

What a great party Sobeys. Thanks for hosting!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Dayz

Bradley was gone for most of July (we joined him for a couple of the trips), so the boys and I had fun around Amarillo. We swam 2-3 times each week and then had a "special" treat. Both Parker and Tate asked to go to Chuck E Cheese during summer break. I really don't like germ-infested places such as CEC; however, it's much cleaner and brighter than Mr. Gatti's. So, of we went. We had the best time laughing at each other and playing every game! Tate's last experience at CEC was no so great; this time he kept telling me, "No cry Chuck E Ezzz, Mommy." And we didn't have any tears...until it was time to leave!
Shooting Hoops!
Clock Tower
Swimming with Logan and Kenlee Grubb
We love you Logan!
We heart snack time!

We had to move our baseball games inside due to the extreme heat this summer! Such fun!

Tate is wearing his Texas Rangers shirt in these pictures. He wants to wear this shirt and his camp shirt everyday. On a day he wears one of these shirts and after his bath, he asks me, "camp shirt go? ranger shirt go? pick out clothes. rangers shirt. camp shirt." I kid you not, my two year old is not concerned about food, toys or the like, but with what shirt he wears each and every day! I love you Bug! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gender Reveal Cupcakes!

This summer, I've been blessed to be a part of a Bible study with my bestie-s! I love Beth Moore and am thankful for her ministry. We are going through her study of Daniel. Anyway, Libby is pregnant and just had her gender sonogram. The sono just happened to be on a Bible study evening, so I threw a gender reveal party! Xoxo cupcakery (aka Whitney Davis) did a fabulous job on "hiding" the secret! I set-up the order and Libby let Whitney know whether to put pink or blue inside the cupcake...

Anticipation was awesome! I just couldn't wait to know if Baby Sobey was a girl or a boy!

It's a GIRL! Yay! Congrats Frank and Libby!
We love you and cannot wait to meet your newest little miracle!


Growing up, my family and I went to North Padre Island every summer. I have so many great memories of our time together there. We loaded up in Amarillo and set out for North Padre to enjoy with the entire Parker family!

Here's a recap of what we did:

Our big swimming without floaties or a life jacket!
Throwing the ball with Tate... A LOT! And of course, jumping in!Corpus Christi Aquarium
Fun with seahorses!

Lots of fish, turtles, and other sea creatures
We were able to catch the Dolphin Show
It was so very hot; we ended our time at the aquarium with the splash pad!
The boys loved it!
Aim and shoot!
Happy Independence Day America! We spent the fourth of July playing games and swimming. Then, we headed over to Corpus Christi for fireworks! As we approached the huge bridge to take us to the USS Lexington for fireworks, we found that it was closed due to a big wreck on the bridge. Parker was thrilled! Emergency vehicles were well as every other person trying to get the other side! We actually had to stop for gas while we passed the time and Parker met a police officer. He told us when to head back to bridge...and we were the second car let through! Go Parker!
The boys were supposed to be able to swim at the 4th of July party, but it was too crowded. We treated them to light sabers instead!
Emer with Mom and Dad
Best brother E-V-E-R!
Maybin family picture!
Just passing the time! Tate held on tight as the fireworks show went on but he loved it. He said "fire-oks" about 1,000 times during our walk back to the car!
Tate hiding from Pops so that his messy face wouldn't be cleaned!
Parker thought the ice cream scoop was a spoon - honestly - it was hilarious!
Happy 29th birthday (a bit early) Chris!
Chris with Mom and Dad
Parker and Tate with their hero!
Make a wish...
BEACH TIME! The boys liked riding the waves and playing in the sand.
The tropical storm that hit the coast the week before brought up all kinds of seaweed...yuck!

Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory! :) Tate is pointing to the water. "mimming" = swimming - N.O.W!
So thankful for this sweet time with our family!

We ended our trip with a couple of days in Waco. Here is Carline (aka Nanny) with Tate, Chloe and Parker. Those three kiddos sure do LOVE to play together!