Saturday, June 19, 2010

15 months and Camera Tears!

The boys matched last Sunday morning for church and I really wanted a picture but Tate would simply NOT have it! He wanted lunch and bed. Period. If I remember correctly, he had a four hour nap and was ready for the evening!

Bradley sported his bow tie for church! If you haven't discovered, you should check it out! $15 ties and bow ties, excellent quality and traditional and contemporary looks!

Lovin' on my Parkerman!

I was so thrilled that Tate was crawling normally AND walking on his own by 15 months that I was actually excited about his well-check appointment. His pedi is from overseas and goes to visit for a month each summer...which happened to be the month of June! :( I suppose we will show her next time! Tate weighed in at 24 pounds (50%) and measured 32 inches (95%). Shots are never fun, but we were out of there in no time and on to his first haircut! He did GREAT and didn't make a peep!

VBS was this past week and the boys had a fabulous time on Saddle Ridge Ranch! Tate is even singing and doing the motions to the songs! We traveled to Waco on Thursday afternoon and definitely listened to VBS music most of the way...happy boys=happy parents!!

We have a great weekend planned in Belton (after a wonderful surprise party for my mom's retirement) with an anniversary date for me and my honey, Parker seeing Toy Story 3, swimming, church, girls coffee night, and lots of family time! Then...back to Amarillo for final packing and moving! We are thrilled to be in Puckett with a lot of our wonderful friends!! Great times...more pictures to follow!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If you get the chance to sit it out or dance...

Dance and run and splash is what Parker and I did last Saturday morning. Our sweet neighbor and friend, Kimberly (and Delanie who was born Tuesday!) called and told us we had a geyser from a broken sprinkler head. Parker and I enjoyed some really cold water and a ton of fun! It is so hot here already and we aren't used to that heat anymore!

If you get the chance to be a kid with your it! SO, so fun!

Mission Friends

This was Parker's first year of Mission Friends and Preschool Choir. While his 3 year old choir didn't perform with the other choirs Sunday evening, he did perform on Wednesday! It was spectacular! I loved every minute! It was especially neat to see all the local and foreign mission projects and collections that his class participated in...he is already making Kingdom differences...praise God!

Parker is quite sad that we have to wait three whole months before starting up again! In the meantime, he is enjoying gymnastics, VBS, youth camp, Wonderland, WTAMU swimming, swimming lessons, a few trips here and there...AND moving to 3916 Eaton Drive! He has already memorized the address..."but our phones stay the same, mom." Enjoy your summer and be safe in all your journeys!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Madison, our niece, Wade and Carline came up on Saturday to help us out with the boys at camp. We were THRILLED that Madison joined our students at camp! She had a wonderful time and asked, "where are you taking the students to camp next year?"

My sweet little one and I enjoying some lunch!

Bradley ordered my most favorite chocolate cinnamon cake from Village Bakery!
What a wonderful treat! We generally have a "fancier" serving platter and dishes but they are all packed up! It's pretty bare around here!

I pray that as my age increases so does my service and relationship with the Lord!

Just Hangin' Around this Town

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

I had to get creative and let the boys play with packing supplies to get everything done! We made obstacle courses, green bubble roads and had a ton of fun...then I had to get back to packing! Our house sold in 11 days and we FINALLY have a contract on 3916 Eaton Drive in Amarillo and are out of the option period! Yay! Both closings are on June 28th and we are thrilled about the move!

Always dressing up!!

Friends for life!

The boys LOVE when I do laundry. More baskets = More fun!!