Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tater!

 My heart is overflowing with thankfulness as I love you Tate!  You are so fun, all about sports, and show love to everyone.  Unfortunately, Parker came down with the flu the day of your party.  Dr. Maaytah advised us to cancel the party since the boys are always together and it was likely that Tate had the flu also.
So, we packed up the basketball stuff for the 4th birthday party! Tate was such a good sport about the whole situation!

 Tate is so big and handsome!

 Cake time!
 Make a wish!

 Line-leader Tate.  We checked Parker out of school for this big school party!
 Celebrating Tate with singing!
 Aiden - his best bud in class!

A little celebration at Texas Roadhouse on Tate's "real" birthday.  
He wasn't so sure of all the singing and the saddle ride!

Spring Break 2012

 While Daddy was in Mexico, the boys and I did a little of this....

 Well check visit for Tate - Parker kept busy with the DS 
and Dr. Maaytah was excited to see Parker so very healthy!
 Discovery Center with the Edwards family!  The big kids loved building these race tracks!

The week ended with a bang as we had to buy a new washer and dryer.  The other set was worn out!  Hurry, Bradley, get home! (somewhere in there I worked!)

Happy Birthday Logan!

A fun party for Logan Grubb - painting, cake and friends!
Some day Tate will smile with his eyes open!  Until ya go!  Still the cutest ever!

Family Pictures 2012

I always love capturing our family in photos...even the random pics!  Thanks Tina for doing an excellent job!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Check out this really neat giveaway - and the book too!  I'm downloading it to read on our vacation now!  Happy Summer...and I will update the blog at some point!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Friends are Friends Forever....

I know that is a REALLY old song and it's cheesy (ok-very cheesy)...missing my sweet Raines family but oh, so proud of Jeff and his new-ish (that's for you Darc) ministry!  

I learned so much from Darcie while we led this awesome group of girls together...ministry, parenting, marriage, friendships...the good, the rough and the blessings!  Headed to visit Summer 2013 - IF I can stay away that long!  I love you JDMB Raines!


  This guy's eyes were still wide open at 11:08pm!  Time to revamp nap time and length! :)