Monday, September 10, 2012

Friends are Friends Forever....

I know that is a REALLY old song and it's cheesy (ok-very cheesy)...missing my sweet Raines family but oh, so proud of Jeff and his new-ish (that's for you Darc) ministry!  

I learned so much from Darcie while we led this awesome group of girls together...ministry, parenting, marriage, friendships...the good, the rough and the blessings!  Headed to visit Summer 2013 - IF I can stay away that long!  I love you JDMB Raines!


  This guy's eyes were still wide open at 11:08pm!  Time to revamp nap time and length! :)

Lunch Dates!

 It is such a joy to join Parker at the Dragon Diner!  Parker is able to eat at the Dragon Diner after filling his sticker chart! What an honor it is to be this guy's momma!
  Obedience is key, Parkerman!  Keep on going and shining His light.  Embrace being different!


A little about Tate at nearly three years old....

  • Loves shoes - has a pair for every sport or event he pretends to conduct.
  • Super attached to his HUGE blanket but we have somehow managed to keep it at home always.
  • LOVES his teacher Ms. Sheila
  • Enjoys one regular meal a day and then picks like a bird at the other two meals.
  • Still lactose intolerant but doesn't keep him down!
  • He is one sport-lovin' boy.
  • Absolutely LOVES shorts and will roll up his pants/jeans to make them into shorts. Each morning he asks if it's a "sweaty short" day!
  • Balls!
  • Still says lellow instead of yellow.
  • Would drink a "pepper" at every meal if I let him.
  • Pray-er of the family
  • Has a smile that will melt your heart!

Let's Go Baylor!

Cheering on our awesome Baylor Bear football team and RGIII! 

 It was a special treat for the boys to stay up and watch the game!  
Complete with popcorn and a sleep-over!

This Baylor alum couldn't be more proud!

He Dribbles, He Shoots, He Scores!

Parker joined his first team sport - Basketball - with the local YMCA in January 2012!  It was such fun to watch him and a little hard to keep Tate off the court.  He wore his white, TALL socks pulled up to his knees EVERY game.  I absolutely love my unique and wonderful guy!

 Team chat with Coach Tim!
Let's go Parker!  

Parker ended the season with making his first basket!  His specialty is getting stealing the ball!  DEFENSE!

Christmas Pictures = FAIL!

I did a terrible job of taking pictures at Christmas this year! :(  2012 WILL be better!  I suppose we were just too busy having a great time caroling, food, Christmas Eve service, food, catching up with family that live far away, games, food, gifts and did I mention FOOD! 

 Tate, Parker and Bradley ready to spread a little Christmas cheer 
while passing out candy canes to Belton businesses.

 Cousin Time - Camden, Tate, Mallory, Parker and Madion

I think Mallory is helping Tate open his gifts!  She is so very talented and precious!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good Morning Glories!

FBC Amarillo hosted a PJ's and Breakfast time on a cold, sleepy Saturday morning in December.  It was such fun to hang out, play games, eat, and fellowship together! Already looking forward to this event in 2012! :)
 Bob, Skylyn, Tate and Parker
 Logan and Parker enjoying breakfast
 Tate still not quite awake!
Our sweet friend - Camden Cary!


Each year we take the boys out for a service project before Christmas.  For 2011, we worked with Evelyn Rivers Christmas Project.  SO many moving parts go into this project and we were able to measure, cut and wrap gifts.  So blessed to be able to pray over each box as it was stacked in a 10 foot tower ready to be sent to childern in Amarillo!

 Parker and Callie at breakfast before our service project.

 Tate and Carson
 Tate cutting on the floor!
 Chancy and Carson
 Concentration, concentration!

 Trying to raise servant-kiddos! :)

the Nutcracker

One thing I LOVE about Christmas is watching "The Nutcracker". 
We have several students who dance each year and then
ushers and usherettes are there too!  Such beauties!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Audience of One!

  Parker singing about Jesus as a Kindergartener...make my heart smile and the angels rejoice!  Our awesome church family creates so many moving worship experiences to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We are beyond blessed to minister to the people of FBC Amarillo.
Some of my girls dancing for Jesus!
The best scene of all!
 It was hard to get a straight shot from where we were sitting 
and we were focused on being moved by the Lord!


Christmas Traditions & Baseball Bats

 The very first thing our family decorates for Christmas is the nativity; we were all helping and forgot to get a picture of that sweet time.  Then, we are off to the tree, stockings, garland and the rest of the 10 crates of decor we have stored! :)
 Parker took a break to put this puzzle together...
 He is always in the learning mood!
 Bradley and I actually bake together several times over the Christmas season.  It's so fun to work together and then share our goods with others!
  Football, nah!  Let's play some good ole' baseball...with some tunes in the background (can you see the ancient CD player behind Tate!?  He LOVES that thing!).