Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Flowers!

102 temp and double ear infection and STILL as happy as can be!

ALL the boys playing ball after Bradley finished the MR.MR. 5 mile run! Way to go B-rad! You're awesome and I know that the Roberts family was honored that you took time with them to remember and celebrate the life of Mike Roberts!

I am honored to present Sheriff Police Parker and JuJu. They enjoyed lots of playing time at the house, hotel, pool, shopping, gardening, popcorn and a movie in bed, and of course, arresting people and putting them in jail! SO fun! I had a VERY sad Parker last night as he said goodbye to Pops and JuJu! "Just tell them to sell their house and move next to us!" (FYI-Our house is on the market and he is FINALLY pleased with the idea...and thinks we should buy two for them and one for us!)

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet mom who doesn't mind wearing a preschooler hat and playing pretend with my kiddos! I'm so thankful that you are my mom and my friend! I love you! All of our hearts bloomed this weekend...thanks for making the trip with Dad!
Looking forward to the next...


Best Buds!

Parker uses the cushions of the couch for obstacle courses and to make "brown trucks" (aka...UPS trucks!) Tate loves to receive deliveries!!!

Playing ball with momma! SOOOO Fun!

Tate is a scooter, a very fast scooter. He crawls a bit, but then decides he would rather scoot. It's crazy, forced me to relax and let him be, and is really fun! I love my Scooter and am so proud of him! Walking seems to be VERY close! Yikes!!