Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day!

Elizabeth, Camden and Emily

Parker and Tate


Chelsea, Mallory and Madison


Camden, Elizabeth, Cale, Jarrayd, Em, Wade

Emily and Wade

Cale, Chloe and Jarrayd
To my dad: even though we weren't with you today, we celebrate you and all that you are to us! thanks for being such a wonderful, caring, loving, constant person in our lives. it's still hard to live so far away but i know that's right where we are to be. thanks for your support and encouragement to both me and to bradley. you're awesome! thanks for always making our time together sweet and memorable! and yes...thanks for loving me even when you have to me back when you're in a better mood! (wink, wink!) see you on friday!



Napping...or at least trying to!

These kiddos were ALWAYS together!


All 8...will there be more?!?!

Chloe and Parker LOVE to play together

Camden and Tate

Parker, Mallory and Chloe

Madison and Tate
Parker absolutely loves his cousins...playing together...being as big as they are...being loud and loving life! It was a great time together! We love you all!

Waco...aka...a sauna!

This boy doesn't care if it's 110 degrees (by Janis' temp.) Can you tell by his super rosy cheeks?

Tate filled our hearts with laughter and lots of smiles! Such a treat after being up at the hospital for hours!

Bath time is a good time. Here is Tate's first "sink" bath!

Relaxing after hearing a great report on Papa-great!

My boys right before bed! Tate has slept 12 hours every night and has done pretty well with naps! It's a little difficult to sleep with 8 kiddos running around!
We haven't done too much...partly because of the heat and partly because we were taking care of Papa-great. We have enjoyed some great time with the kids' cousins and other family, made some homemade ice cream, and just loved on one another! We will go to the zoo and Mayborn center during our Labor Day trip to Waco/Belton! After running to Sam's today, I drove through Baylor and showed Parker where I went to college, where I lived, where I ran EVERYDAY at least once (which I need to get back to!). He said, these are really big buildings mommy. Ahhh, yes, I told him! I said, you know how big our church is and people still know your name and love you...that's how Baylor was for mommy. He didn't respond...I'll let you know the response when it comes...could be tonite or 2 weeks from now! Those were great days and it was fun to see how some things haven't changed and then to see others things that have grown... alot!
Hopefully when we return the 100+ degree weather will be gone! I am so not used to this anymore and I must say...I'm ready to go home! Cannot wait to see you Bradley! You make my heart smile! Love.

Monday, June 22, 2009

7 years!

Today is our 7th anniversary...and we are apart! Absolutely no fun at all! But, the reunion will be sweet and we'll celebrate soon! Papa-great is doing ok today. They are preping his kidneys today for the heart cath tomorrow. It's pretty risky but Papa-great wants quality of life! There are three spots that need stints and the doctors hope to complete all of them tomorrow!

We hope VBS and the choir tour is going great! We love and miss you! Let's skype soon if you have a connection! I'll post some pictures of the past couple of days in Waco this afternoon!

Love and miss you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Smores!

We love these girls...cannot believe Kathryn is married! are beautiful!

We sure love all our students and are always so glad to catch up! Great wedding!

The Big Bus!

Papa-Great, Tate, Parker and Big Momma!

Tate and Papa-Great

Papa and Sybil (Bradley's grandparents!) came through Amarillo after church today and were able to play with the boys for a bit. We always love to visit with them! Thanks for making a special effort to visit us! See you next weekend!

Christmas in June!




The staff playing the "ho, ho, ho" game!
Bradley and I were on kid duty...thank goodness!
The FBC Amarillo staff has its Christmas party in snow, play outdoors and generally a calmer schedule! We always look forward to it! We love you all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wonderland...for the fun of it!

Parker and Landri Klair

Riding the helicopters

Bradley and Landri Klair

Mommy and Parker

Parker and "Helicopter" James

Landri Klair (3)

Cooper (5)

The kids always like to play on our bed! I think they are playing good cops in this picture!
Marci, Landri and Cooper came to Amarillo for a visit this week! We had a short but very fun visit! We sure do miss seeing them everyday! It was great to catch up a little and just hang out. See you in OKC in ONE MONTH! Can't wait!
Yesterday was also FBC night at Wonderland. It was a blast. Parker has literally talked about Wonderland since we went a year we knew fun was in our evening! After a really quick Amarillo storm, the sky was clear and was a beautiful and cool evening.

Movie Night!

Little did I know that an innocent moive night could teach me so much about how God created my Parker!

Bradley decided that Tuesday night we would treat Parker with a movie and popcorn...let him pile as many pillows in the living room as possible and just hang out! Everything was going as planned and very fun until Parker turned around with a shaky chin, big bottm lip and tears while somehow managing to get across that Bolt lost Penny. He was upset the rest of the movie all the while we were reassuring him that Bolt and Penny would both search for one another. While I wanted to tell him that there is always a happy ending, I refrained, for the Lord doesn't promise us a happy ending every time! When Bolt and Penny found each other, he sobbed even harded because he was so happy! I was crying to...not at the movie...but at my Parkerman's tender and compassionate heart! Thank you Lord for this precious gift!

Breakaway 2009 family picture

After the camp reflection service we always take a family picture. It was almost 8pm and the boys were worn out...but they were good sports! I really missed camp this year and look forward to attending camp next year!

Monday, June 8, 2009

3 months...and an awesome big brother!

Waiting to leave to head to Austin to return to Amarillo!

Wake up's time to get on 2 planes now.

My happy, laid back 3 month old!

My precious 3 year-old who dressed himself for our walk tonight. Boots and no socks, striped underwear showing through the yellow shorts! Amazing! We are home; the reunion with Bradley was so sweet. I made it just fine changing planes, diaper, restroom and feeding Tate all in the 30 minutes between flights! Whew! We all wore our camp was fun for the boys and in case Parker bolted from me, I could spot him! He doesn't normally do this, but just in case...

Let's do it again in 2 weeks! I LOVE summer and traveling!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Friday, I'm in love!

The whole crew!

JuJu and Tate!

Tate woke up to join us for a bit!


Parker and Will

Jami and Peyton

Parker Smith and Parker Maybin

Will Bache and Peyton Smith

We are so, so ready to see you Bradley!! We had a fun morning with the girls and their kiddos at the pool! I'm a bit sunburned but the boys are fine! As soon as Parker wakes up, we are headed out for a nice dinner! It's our last night here; I cannot believe it! See you tomorrow! Love!