Monday, August 23, 2010

Well That Was Fast...

My sweet Parker started school today. All day. Every day. He was confident and thrilled to be there both when I dropped him off and when I picked him up!

Hugs, kisses and well wishes for a great first day at school!

People always tell me, "it (birth - 5 goes by faster than you can imagine."
I believe them now but I truly didn't before today.

As I left him today, I felt like I was leaving part of my heart there.
Ugh. It was hard but I know it's the absolute best thing for him...and I
was sure to pray ALL day.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ten Dolloar Prom

We made a photography back - drop. The students really liked it and the "professional" photographer made it look really cool!

Part of the group before leaving!

Girls dressed in trash bags arrived in a BMW.

Fun picture of lights and lots of dancing!

Sno-cones were out treat! Super cold after being hot on the dance floor and super yummy!

Whew - what a fun time! I love you B-rad!

Obviously it wasn't an "in-style" party but to come in something promish for no more than $10. I was dressed with red sparkle dress and red pic on my camera and hopefully no picks of it show up in the hallways of the student ministry floor!!

None of our new neighbors called the cops and we had a wonderful time and enjoyed dancing the night away!

I think we've started a tradition...

Three Peas in a Pod!

Tate loves to put on my colored socks when he gets on his PJ's. I am either about to go for a run or just getting back! He loves it!

Just a swingin'...


From cops and jail to piggy back rides to playing catch, these boys had a great time together. It was so fun seeing the boys with Chris this past weekend. We look forward to our next time in September!

Parker cried REALLY hard as we left Chris at the airport Saturday evening. The whole airport was either thinking that I just beat the tar out of him or that he was really sad. I've never beat the tar out of him, so sadness it was. "It's soooo sad to watch him go" Parker said in between screams. Ohhhh--break my heart. I carried him out to the car and Tate walked beside me...I was amazed at how well Tate did while I was loving on my sad Parker!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Play. Play. Play.

Mom & Dad - I finally got new glasses - the greatest thing is that Tate doesn't touch them at all! I know you cannot believe that, but it is true...come up and see for yourself!!

On days we don't HAVE to do anything, I tell the boys, today is a play play play day! Squeals of excitement usually erupt...and today was no exception. After lunch Parker wanted to set up Bertie & Thomas Race. Little did I know that we would set-up, race, and repeat a million times! It was so fun and so good to just be hanging out with my boys today!

Race - Parker set everything up and was the official at every race. I simply cannot believe this sweet boy will be 5 in just two short months and going to pre-k! Yikes! I have loved, loved, loved this summer with both Parker and Tate. Yes, it was busy, but we have the next several weeks with nothing on the calendar but a dance party in the back yard and a few sweet visitors to entertain! Yippee!

Tate signing "more please"

My sweet 16 month old William Tate! He is such a blessing to us. I do believe he will be my dare devil as proven at White Water in Oklahoma City this past weekend. We went with the middle schoolers and also met up with the Bean family to enjoy the water-park. He didn't need a nap. He didn't need lunch. He didn't need a break. He didn't need much of anything besides the BIG slides and fun in the water! He wanted to be as big as Parker, Cooper, Landri and Carson. He definitely crashed in the parking lot as we were pulling out to head to the Beans for a weekend visit!

Tate has become a super big momma's boy! Here he is standing right by my side as I fixed lunch today. Parker is being a great photographer and will not let me get his picture! If you can read lips, you might be able to tell that Tate is saying...momma, momma, momma...only about a million times! I simply love it!

We met Bradley at the door this evening and enjoyed a great dinner followed by welcoming some more FBC people to the neighborhood and a great walk!

More play play play on our agenda tomorrow along with a
couple of errands and a cook-out for dinner!
Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!
I know we will!

Snow in August!

So, it didn't really snow in Amarillo on August 1st, but we had a super fun snow ball fight in our front yard at SNAC! It's become a tradition each summer when we host SNAC at our house. We threw 120 snow balls and enjoyed some great fellowship! Below are some action shots!

This is Parker throwing a mini snow ball at his daddy!

Aman trying to tell Tate that the ice isn't to eat!