Friday, May 4, 2012

Audience of One!

  Parker singing about Jesus as a Kindergartener...make my heart smile and the angels rejoice!  Our awesome church family creates so many moving worship experiences to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We are beyond blessed to minister to the people of FBC Amarillo.
Some of my girls dancing for Jesus!
The best scene of all!
 It was hard to get a straight shot from where we were sitting 
and we were focused on being moved by the Lord!


Christmas Traditions & Baseball Bats

 The very first thing our family decorates for Christmas is the nativity; we were all helping and forgot to get a picture of that sweet time.  Then, we are off to the tree, stockings, garland and the rest of the 10 crates of decor we have stored! :)
 Parker took a break to put this puzzle together...
 He is always in the learning mood!
 Bradley and I actually bake together several times over the Christmas season.  It's so fun to work together and then share our goods with others!
  Football, nah!  Let's play some good ole' baseball...with some tunes in the background (can you see the ancient CD player behind Tate!?  He LOVES that thing!).