Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day!

We had a great time with the Maybin family for Turkey Day and of course, it was time for some family pictures! Parker LOVES to ride all the tractors at Papa's house. Wednesday we enjoyed a short trip to Belton to visit the Parker's. Saturday brings a trip to Dallas to visit Chris, the Maggard's, and Will Bache...hopefully he will will make his entrance to this world before we have to head to Amarillo on Sunday afternoon. Parker is excited to visit Santa and loves all the "hoop-la" as I call it! He is also excited about his nativity set and singing to Baby Jesus.

Baby Tate is progressing along nicely. 25 weeks along and feeling very good. Tate is sitting lower than Parker did and regular trips to the restroom are very necessary! It's crazy how different each pregnancy really is!

Cale, Jennifer, Chelsea, Jarrayd, and Chloe
The Maybin Family

Russell, Elizabeth, Madison, Mallory and Camden

Bradley, Emily, Parker and Baby Tate

Madison and Chloe

Parkerman...enjoying his tractor rides!
He also LOVES to play with his cousins.
We look forward to spending some more time with them very, very soon!
May our lives be a reflection of God's goodness, gracy and mercy and give thanks to Him each day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

State Champs!

Congrats to the AHS volleyball girls on another state championship title! Tori and Michelle--we are thriled for you and your team! Also, congrats to Tori for signing with the Baylor Bears...we sure enjoyed your signing party! Sic'em!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grandparents Day!

Pops came to visit and to attend Grandparents Day at Parker's preschool this week. It was a lot of fun...we sure missed JuJu! Parker showed Pops his classroom, and of course, Pops was able to see Landri Klair again! I also enjoyed some father/daughter time as well. Parker thought it was hilarious when Pops would answer his cell phone, "this is Mack Parker" Parker would just laugh and laugh...then Pops could carry on his conversation. We are looking forward to putting up our Christmas decor this weekend and heading to Waco for Thanksgiving. May you and yours be blessed...

Lunch time!

Waiting patiently

Picture time!

Thanks, Pops, for a wonderful day at school!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, after putting it off for a year or so...our six year old computer finally crashed. This isn't just any computer...the first large purchase we made during our marriage and it assisted me in studying and passing the CPA exam (i'm so glad that is over) several years ago! It's not so crashed that we cannot get all our pictures off of it, but enough that it's not worth repairing. Bradley is a "mac" guy so I'm following his lead. It's an early Christmas at the Maybin's! Hard wood floors will have to wait until summer! I will post pictures and blogs once the computer arrives.