Monday, January 9, 2012


These two boys are so very different when it comes to dealing with sleepiness! :)
Parker gets CRAZY while Tate just about falls over and is quiet.
This pictures is pretty close to our bedtime experiences every school night!
Sleep tight boys. We love you to the moon and back and back again, and again, and...

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Parker absolutely loves his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Escobedo. She is a believer and is perfect for our little guy! :) Thank you Lord for sending her to our family. AND, we just happen to share the alley behind our house with her! God is good!

Carving and Painting

The boys and I LOVE to pick out pumpkins and get crafty!
Paint and paint brushes
Finished pumpkin from my oldest Punkin

Great job Tate! :)

I love you my little artists!
You are so much fun when you are using the creativity that God has blessed you with.

Operation Christmas Child

These are some of the girls I work with on Wednesday evenings doing missions! Our goal is to teach them that missions isn't something that is only done on foreign soil but EVERY day of our lives! This year we collected items for Operation Christmas Child and prepared over 35 boxes. Our boxes were sent to Mexico and Haiti for orphans! What a blessing it is for me to be a part of the beautiful girls and share in their learning and doing of missions in name of our Jesus!

World Series

Bradley had the opportunity to go to several Texas Ranger playoff games during the fall of 2011. This is a picture of the field from where he sat at one of the games. It's so fun to watch Bradley get excited about the success of a team he has cheered for most of his life...and see Parker and Tate follow in his footsteps!

AHS Homecoming Parade!

It has become a tradition to have all our friends over for dinner and then head to the Amarillo High homecoming parade each year! This year's theme was "Motion Pictures" and it was neat to see all the students put their creative minds to work! So fun and such a relaxing evening!

Hurry up and start the parade already! :)
Caroline - swim team
Elizabeth - basketball team
Kellie - drum major
Adam and Friends - LOVE these kiddos!
Sandler and Parker
Jeffery and Tate
Carson, Jonas and William

The rest of my time was spent controlling the little guys and gals from too much candy rather than getting a pic of each student! ;~)
Halloween was the very next weekend so we had a bit of "re-gifting" in our buckets!
Thank you Lord for a beautiful fall evening of friends and fellowship. We are so very blessed!