Sunday, April 26, 2009


7 weeks

Play time!

Getting dressed for the day!

Waiting to take a nap while I get Parker ready for preschool

My stripes!! WOW...the Lord is good!

The past couple of weeks have been very interesting with Taterbug! His tummy doesn't like my milk (which I've had a nice little chat with the Lord as to why...since He created the perfect feeding system...I still just don't understand why it didn't work with Tate) So, in the process of trying to figure all this out, we learned Tate is allergic to regular formula...which led me to think about my own milk being a problem for him. My prayer was to know exactly what to do, do it, and not look back. We started soy still mixed with my milk...that got rid of the head to toe rash...but not the tummy problems (I was only eating plain sandwiches and some meat...good diet...not very fun though!). We tried strictly soy formula for 48 hours...and were amazed to have a very, very happy and content little Tate! He is on a great 3-31/2 hour schedule...waking up once during the night and on to bigger and better things than a constant tummy ache! I'm FINALLY ok with all of this. This experience is another reminder to me that God's answer isn't always what I think it should be and that I must have increasing faith in Him...not in myself or my bright ideas! May He increase and I decrease in every area of my life! On a side note...all 3 boys are taking a Sunday afternoon snooze...I must join them! (Bradley had a lock OUT this weekend from 10pm-7am...he is still trying to recover...oh to be THAT old! JK B! I love you.) A lock OUT starts at the church and then they take the students (all 140+) bowling, to a gym, sports world and then back to the church for donuts! If you are on facebook...look at the conversation between Kyle and Travis on Bradley's page as to what his mood is like after 10pm! It's pretty funny! Have a wonderful, Kingdom focused week!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thomas the Train

There was also a petting zoo...which Parker loved!

The goats loved the attention!

I luuuvv trains

Our friends from Midland that we met on the train...they have a set of 8 month old triplets at life isn't THAT crazy!

Deep thinker!

Mommy, Parker and the Conductor

This was a special day for Parkerman!  
Riding the passenger train

All Aboard!

Thomas the Tank Engine

Sir Tophamhat

Thanks JuJu and Pops for providing a great trip to Lubbock to visit Thomas!  It was a very special time with just Parker!  We treated him to lunch...noodles (his VERY favorite) at Olive Garden and then Marble Slab...super torture (completely worth it) for me as I cannot have dairy or any form of tomato while nursing.  I ordered chicken parmesean without the cheese or sauce...and the lady looked at me funny.  I told her I was nursing...then she looked at Parker...and I immediately said NO, NO...the 5 week old is not with us!  She just laughed!  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday pics!!

Robby had "the touch"

Tiz, lil tiz, and lil lil tiz (Ty, Tate and Baby Tate!)

Parker, Big Tate and Lil Tate

Tate meets Tate
Never a dull moment!

Right before church!  Parker did great being up and ready to go by 7:40am so Bradley could be at church on for his extra Easter service duties!  We went to the Barrett's for lunch and the Dudley's for dinner...we love our Amarillo family!  We didn't necessarily name Tate after Tate...but Tate likes to think that!  JK Tate!  Kyle Wilson was most upset that we went with William Tate rather than William Kyle (our top two choices)!  

Uncle Buddy's Visit!

Chris put Tate right to sleep!


Parker STILL loves to kiss Tate and pat his head!
JuJu and I are WAY outnumbered...but we love all our boys!  Thanks Chris for a GREAT weekend in Amarillo and taking time out of your busy schedule to come up to visit.  (thanks for putting up with the 70 mph winds and dirt flying everywhere!)  We love you!

Easter Eggs

Messy Hands!

We did multi-colored eggs!

Parker pretty much just watched...and Tate slept the whole time!

I love spending time with Parker!

Rain??? What's that!?!?!

Parker and Bradley watching the rain and hail.  It's be a VERY long time since we've had Parker was very curious.  The thunder woke him up from his nap!  We are very thankful for the rainfall!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One Month!

Parker felt the need to take this picture of me dressing Tate after his bath!

I'm cold! Can we skip the lotion and just get dressed?

Tate LOVES bath time!

My growing boy! Tate is eating very well and is letting us sleep! He eats at 10:30pm and then again at is good! I am ready to really know him, his personality, what he likes, what makes him laugh, etc! Next month are shots (ugh!) and Tate's dedication to the Lord at FBC Amarillo!

Another Parker story: Bradley has been gone the past several nights with Easter services so he wasn't home for dinner and bedtime. Parker woke up and came in our room about 2:30am on Friday morning...ran to Bradley and said, "I missed you, I missed you." Generally, Parker coming to our bed is a NO NO but Bradley was a softy that morning (it should be noted that Bradley sticks harder to our bed rule than I generally do!) and told Parker to climb up. Bradley told me the next day that he hoped Parker didn't figure out "magic words"!

The Hunt!

I made it!

I'm almost to the top!


Jonathan and Parker

What a fun, fellowship and an Easter egg hunt (Parker's 3'rd to be exact!) at Jeff and Darcie's. Enjoy these pics of Parkerman. I was reading over the cruxifiction last night and saw a note in my Bible that I wrote a few years ago...and was a great reminder to me. HKB said, the cruxifiction should leave one uncomfortable...just as the people who witnessed such...for they didn't know the joy was coming. May both the cross and resurrection be real to you this Easter...and each day!

Monday, April 6, 2009


This child LOVES music! So...we bought an ipod dock so he could listen to some tunes from his very own playlist. He came in this evening while I was feeding Tate and said, "Momma, I need the ipod please." I just sat there thinking, surely my 3 year old didn't just ask for the ipod. He proceeded to hook up the ipod to the dock and tell Bradley that it wasn't working. Once it was working...the concert (see earlier blog entry) began! Amazing!

Parker also loves to "text" people. He has one of our old phones and pretends to text all the time! Anytime I pick up my phone, he asks, "who are you texting." I don't text very often...but Bradley does all the time. Rightfully so, I must add, since students these days don't actually talk to one another...they just text! We challenge them to change that! They are amazed that cell phones were a rare thing back in our high school days...I know, I know, I'm old!


The pictures tell the story! We had a great concert tonight with our Parkerman. He keeps us laughing and entertained daily. He is sound his bed...and I'm exhausted...a very good exhausted I must add!