Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Crafts Village

Our whole group!

I have a passion for learning more about Russia and doing anything I can to help Russians earn a living to stay out of poverty and prostitution. I led this great group of girls...Aman, Sierra, Jessi, and Kenna for our fair!

During my mission trip to St. Petersburg in July 2004, I saw poverty first hand. These orphans I ministered to and loved on are now more than likely on the streets with nothing, absolutely nothing. On their 18th birthday, the orphanage basically kicks them out! No training, no mother to teach them how to live, no money, no clothes, no method of transportation, nothing. So many of these adult orphans turn to drugs and prostituion simply to have a place to sleep or a couple of bites of food. My heart breaks, but God is good to provide a way to help them! May my efforts be increased ten-fold as only God, the miracle worker, can do! See below on how you can join me in my love for Russians and other believers across the world.

Darcie led the Asia group!

Celebrating with Sierra in her decision to live for Jesus! Love you girl! Thank you for already leading out and serving others!

If you have not heard of WorldCrafts, go to This ministry is amazing...all funds go directly to the person and/or village that made the item purchased! Lots of really neat handmade items for sale. Think of Christmas gifts...and bless the person you are giving to and the otherwise forgotten and provrished person you supported. You can have your own fair like we did or simply purchase items from the website. On the website you can read stories of lives that were changed through WorldCrafts! Blessings to you all!

MOPS to the APD

Parker and Logan showing their "policers" to the police man!

Parker LOVES anything that has to do with emergencies...people, vehicles, choppers etc. "They help people, Mom," so he tells me! I told him about this playdate a few weeks ago and he did not forget for one day this month that this was planned! Tate enjoyed a sweet nap in his stroller...and ended the day with a stomach bug...ugh! Bradley was out of town at a youth ministers conference with Adam and Kyle...I'm so glad he is home (although he is sick, too!).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More 4th birthday pics!

Papa and Tate at the airport

Sending Nanny and Papa back to Waco

I'm four!

Ready for church!

Nanny and Tate!

The last night to go to bed as a 3 year old...excuse my red chapstick...I thought it was clear! oops!

Talking to Landri Klair and Cooper the night before his birthday! We sure miss them!

Life is good!

Playing hard at Parker's party!

Bouncers, trampolines, and friends...don't forget cake!

So fun Parker! Looking forward to what this year has in store for you! OK--I'm finally done posting things about Parker's birthday!

UPS and Pumpkins!

Brrr...the boys were great and had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch! Parker went with his preschool class earlier this week and was so excited to go again and show us all that he had learned!

Picking out pumpkins for our front porch!

So, I can never seem to get EVERYTHING out of a hotel room . This time it was serious! Parker's emergency vehicles were left! He was very sad...but the hotel found them and sent them via UPS! There was a lot of celebrating when the package arrived!

My sweet bug!

Nanny's Visit!

Tate NEVER falls asleep while drinking his 8pm bottle! After the trip and the HUGE growth spurt he has been on this past week...he was out! This was actually about 7:15pm and he slept until just about 7am the next morning! He was glad to be home and in his bed! This growth spurt has been funny. He generally doesn't care too much about the bottle, but he has been fussy for it every time and was actually drinking 8 oz. I think he is back to normal...drinking about 6 oz again and still loving his food! Nanny rode back with us from Grapevine to Amarillo for a fun visit...thanks for coming Nanny! We love you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tate and Danielle's Wedding Weekend!

Darcie (the momma to Mark and the newest addition to the Raines family...Bereket 18month old from Ethiopia who they will bring home around Christmas!) warming her cup with a candle! It was really cold at the reception but the huge warmers throughout the backyard sealed the deal!

Great Wolf Lodge was GREAT!!

Nanny and Taterbug!

Chris with Parker and Tate

Tate hanging out with Pops while we were at wedding festivities!

My handsome date for the wedding...I love you!

Patiently waiting...

Special treats!

Story time at Great Wolf Lodge

What a wonderful celebration Tate and Danielle's wedding was! They are just precious. The ceremony was so great and the reception was fabulous filled with lanterns, dancing, chefs, friends, and family in Danielle's backyard in Allen! Congrats you to! Big Tate (lil' tiz), I feel like you are one of mine! I remember when you were in 8th grade! What a fine person you've grown into and Danielle is awesome! Enjoy Hawaii!

We then headed over the Great Wolf Lodge...a much anticipated trip since this summer when we told Parker! This is our 2nd annual trip to the Lodge and it is so much fun! Both Parker and Tate had a great time. Parker NEVER talks about being tired but at dinner that night, he looked at Bradley and said, "I think I'm really tired" and his head just almost fell into his food! Needless to say, he went to bed after bedtime story at the Lodge and reading a few books! Pops and JuJu kept the boys while we were at the wedding and Nanny came to the Lodge to soak up some time as well!

We are so blessed by our friends and family and LOVE spending time with them.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


AHS Homecoming Parade

Ready to go to the Senior Monday Night Football party! (pj's underneath!)

Happy and Clean Boys!