Friday, January 8, 2010

So BIG and SO Happy!

Today was bitterly cold but we bundled up and headed out to Sam's, lunch and Barnes and Noble. As a toddler, Parker LOVED to go to Barnes and Noble and play with Thomas the Train. We asked him what today should look like and B&N being one request we thought was good, we set out to play, play, play! We arrived at B&N to discover Thomas the Train was no longer there. Bummer! LESSON: make the most of any situation even if it's not the most fun! TREAT: Parker picked out two books that he liked and has now read them both 10 times. We arrvied home and he asked, "Mom, can I jump into your pillows?" Of course you can, Parker (not always the answer because the question always comes 5 minutes AFTER I make the bed)! And off he went to take a drive and set up to read. He is now fast asleep in our bed.

Here is our bug...10 months old today! My, my how time flies!

Chewing on everything as he has 5 teeth and 2 more trying to make an apperance

Belly laughs!


Wants to walk, still isn't crawling, scoots ALL over the house. With his sheer determination (and momma's) he WILL crawl!

LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his brother! He looks for him as soon as he wakes each day/nap, scoots to where he is to play, and claps and drums when Parker plays the guitar. They also make a beautiful melody in the car...begins as an echo and then they both make music as loud as possible. Bradley discovered this for the first time on the way to school this week!

Also, Tate loves to raise his hands in the air when hearing "so big" and then claps when hearing "so happy"

Cooking together and makes LOTS of sound!

Tate is also back to MDO and is wearing 12-18 month clothing. He is pretty lean but very long. Table food is his very favorite and we were pleased that yobaby yogurt didn't upset his lactose intolerance as of yet! He says dada, bubba, mmmm, hi, and baba (bottle). He is really a Daddy's boy right now which is so fun to watch!

Parker is back to preschool and LOVING it. I registered him for Carver Magnet preschool for next year. It's a lottery system with AISD so we will see if he gets in. I'm not sure what to do for next school year but the Lord tell us and we'll do it!

January 4, 2006--back to work with Parker turning 3 months old
January 5, 2007--Parker gets RSV, strep during Dnow
January 2008--Parker gets Flu during disciple now
January 2009--Bradley steps through the roof over attic and the Beans move to OK
January 4, 2010--back to work part-time BUT for tax season only; Emily stops up sink!

January has not been my favorite month for quite some time now but here we are again. It's hard to get back in the swing of things...especially with not so pleasant additions to that difficutly. The Lord is faithful to bring me closer to Him during those times and I can honestly say I remember what I learned about Him and me during those times. I know he has a mighty plan for His children and I'm thankful to be a part of it! The trials of this life are no comparison to His sacrifice and who am I to question Him? Here we go 2010...the first week is behind us; it was really great...let the good times roll! (I generally blog about fun, exciting, postive things...but in my suffering is where I learn the most! Thank you for molding me, Jesus (I know I'm stubborn and impatient) to be more like You!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Great Start to Twenty Ten

Kenlee and Tate just playing away at the Booths house where a lot of friends gathered for a New Years celebration mid-morning. New Years Eve, Bradley, Parker, Tate and I had a nice picnic dinner in our living room, played some Wii and put the kiddos to bed! Then Bradley and I had a fun night of games and celebrating all that 2009 brought...some good to be over...other memories treasured forever! I pray that I am more like Christ on this first day of 2010 than I was on the first day of 2009 and that I never stop living my life for Him!

After our brunch, we headed out to the airport to greet the Raines family who were returning from Ethiopia! They carried a little souvenior can follow their blog for the story and see some pictures from today...BELOW!

Like father like son...I'm sure they are watching football.

The Grubb Family...LOVE them!

Da Boys (except Tate!)

Bethany and Edy awaiting the Raines' arrival

Tate LOVES to chew on keys. I do NOT love for him to chew on keys. GROSS!

Hannah and Bethany

Dan, Peggy and James

Passing the time...

Loving on my boy!

Telling stories of Christmas travels, delays and fun times!

Jeffery and Jonathan

After 50+ hours of traveling, the Raines are HOME! Bereket was sound alseep in his Daddy's arms. It was a very emotional greeting of pure bliss and one of giving thanks to the Father! Rest up, get back on this time zone, and we'll love on you all some more...SOON! Read more about this wonderful family's journey at