Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miles, Smiles and Giving Thanks!

Purple ice cream and coloring a cow purple at the Purple Cow in Dallas.

Tate is on the his walker at least! Crawling looks fun, too, but he's not quite there!

Fun on the four wheeler and the Reid's!

Emily Kate, Joshua, Noah and Chandler loved sharing this with Parker! Bradley and I got a chance to take a ride too.

The Bat Cave!


The boys playing while JuJu and I got ready! Parker was treated to a short video on his "baby" tv that morning. He thought he was a pretty cool kid!

Thanks, JuJu for the batman cave! (At least it doesn't roar like Snake Mountain ;)

Waiting for JuJu to arrive. We had a great visit while she was here. We played, shopped, cooked, and enjoyed every minute! Daddy had a great time in San Fran with Reed and Amy. The retreat was wonderful!

Dutton in concert at FBC Amarillo

My boys loving each other!

This is what we've been up to the last couple of weeks! Snow is falling, the house is decorated for Christmas, and the boys are taking a Sunday afternoon nap. All is well in this household and I am especially thankful for God's healing of Chris, BBJO, Granny, and Papa Great. November was a rough month with lots of family members and close friends in and out of the hospital, surgeries, cancer diagnosis...and the list goes on. The Lord is good ALL the time and I've definitely seen His hand in all of it! Hebrews 12: 2-3 begs us to consider Him and to fix our eyes on Jesus. May that be the message of Christmas and may our hearts be thankful for Him and the sacrifice He made all year long!

I saw The Blind Side this weekend with my man and I LOVED it! If you've read my blog you know that I LOVE to teach the students but I also love to DO SOMETHING and inspire them to to the same. This true story is a great picture of DOING SOMETHING...not just learning, reading, praying, etc...but using our hands and feet to love on people the way Jesus did while he was on this Earth. She got it; she did it; it wasn't always easy; people mocked her...I won't spoil the movie but it definitely challeneged me to continue looking for ways to love Jesus by loving others...right here in my mommy world where the biggest events of the day are baths, walks, meals, and maybe a trip to Walmart! And it's not for my sake...but for His!

Monday, November 9, 2009

8 months and Fun Family Time!

"Let's go for a ride, Tate"

Silly goose!

My 8 month old, who decided this morning was a good one to wake up at 5:30 and scream for a bottle (normal time is at least 7:30am!), was happy as a lark all day and got right back on schedule. This month, Tate started at Mother's Day Out while I helped the office get out of a "crunch" until Thanskgiving. He has done EXCELLENT and is happy to be there and happy when he comes home! He likes to "people watch" like his daddy! Also, he really plays with Parker now. He leans into Parker and grabs him wanting to play, play, play! Parker told me on Sunday that he is ready for Tate to crawl and walk so that they can play lions together! Ear muffs may be on my wish list, Santa!

My "tough cookie" as his CHRISTMAS pj's say...I love Christmas time and Christmas pj's for the boys! Nothing that I can find goes above a 5T so this is probably it for Pman. :(
Asthma update: last Tuesday morning was the first time I heard a croup cough from my sweet Parker since MAY! That is incredible for him. We moved to the next phase on his asthma plan with the rescue inhaler and he quit immediately. I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago about how well he was doing and maybe we were medicating him too much...this was a gentle reminder that we are doing just the right thing and I am so thankful!

Playing with Daddy after bathtime! Ride-a-horsey is a favorite for both boys!


Parker and I sporting our temporary tats! Things we do for kids...I love you Parker!

"They" say this winter is supposed to be a bad one for Amarillo...the weather has been PERFECT and I don't believe "them"! 60-70 degrees every day, minimal wind and a beautiful sky...ahhhhh!

Tomorrow brings a fun day with entertaining some friends with dinner and fellowship. Parker is talking about f-a-m-i-l-y in preschool so we are sending fun family pics with him tomorrow! Dutton is in concert on Wednesday night at the church for their CD release party...great band and GREAT people/musicians...check out their tunes on itunes! Most of all, we are praying for Bradley's grandfather who will undergo triple bypass tomorrow at Hilcrest in Waco! Please join us as we pray for his healing. Looking forward to a fun weekend with JuJu in town while Bradley is in San Fran!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homebound Halloween

So our Halloween had to be creative since most of us were sick with a stomach virus. Tate started the yuckiness on Wednesday night and Parker and I joined in on Friday night. Bradley had bronchitis and an ear infection. Homebound!

You cannot read the note on the pumpkin here but it said that we couldn't hand out candy due to sickness that we didn't want to share...a sweet kiddo left some candy on our doormat. How sweet was that?!?! Parker was so excited and thankful. "I'm going to help everyone now all the time, this really helped me" said Parker! We are on the mend and very thankful for that! Welcome November!