Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not just yet...

Tate is very comfortable right where he is! Castillo said this past Thursday, "you aren't doing anything!" So, we keep on going! 39 weeks comes this Monday and another visit to the doctor on Thursday! Bradley is doing a guessing game with the guess is 3/11/09 at 12:52pm and his is 3/8/09 at 3:41pm. We'll see! Castillo specializes in high-risk pregnancies...I'm not she doesn't do anything just because of what the calendar says! It's a good thing we hold the same thoughts or I could be very frustrated! Parker is tired of talking about Tate and wants to see him! He holds his mouth to my belly and talks to Tate...telling him everything about life, toys and to HURRY UP AND COME OUT!!!

Prayer needed for Mexico Mission Trip--lots of danger is going on along the borders. Please pray for direction of the trip and for safety. Bradley is very anxious as to how everything will happen with Tate's birth, the trip, etc. Also be praying for the middle school ski trip to Santa Fe the same, fellowship and fun!

Keep checking back...we hope to have a fun report soon...

Monday, February 16, 2009

The finishing touches!

This picture has nothing to do with finishing touches...but I put it in here anyway.  Parker has to do a steroid breathing treatment every night before bed.  As long as Bradley is home, he gives the treatment to Parker since I really shouldn't until after delivery.  Parker doesn't sit still for very long to snuggle, so Bradley absolutely loves this time with him.   

Tate's room is we are ready to add him!


"Mommy, I've packed my stuff and I am ready to go on the plane."  Check out these pics of Parker's attempt at packing for a, this trip isn't tomorrow...but at the end of May!  I must say he is very excited.  After I took these pictures, I asked him where Tate's stuff would fit..."oh"...the only reply he could muster.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I think this picture is funny because it looks like Bradley is talking "seriously" to Parker and Parker is laughing...however, the real story is that I tried to get a picture of Parker and Bradley have a good talk at the dinner table and Parker looked at the camera instead of allowing me to capture the moment!

There are such beautiful sunsets in Amarillo..."but it's bright" in the words of Parkerman. Sunglasses are a must on these wide open plains!

Tate's shower...we are so blessed!

Some staff women and wives gave us the shower!

I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and will go back to the doctor on Thursday! He has definitely dropped some and I am feeling some contractions...nothing too severe though!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

36+ weeks!

My 36 week appt was pretty uneventful but all good things to report...great BP, no weight gain, measuring right on schedule. Hopefully next week we'll have more to report! Bags are packed ready to go...just enjoying some special time and treats with Parker!

I'll post pictures from the shower last weekend this evening...have a great day!