Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Changes Things

These sweet boys are a blast to spend the entire summer with! We watch the Texas Rangers almost every evening for a little while and play outside a ton! :) Summer is a time when I don't have to work at all, no school for the boys, trips with Daddy, lots of reading, coloring and playing together - without time limits! :)

Also this summer, the beloved "paci" became broken and Tate threw all the pacifiers in the dumpster. There were a few tears and questions (Tate loves to ask "why"), but overall, it wasn't my fault that they pacifiers were broken and he took it upon himself to throw them away. Tate wrapped up the summer by being potty trained. He was a gem during the whole process and I'm so thankful! He still wears pull-ups at night time but the Maybin household is finished with diapers!
Yay...I think! :)

Parker transitioned to naps only on Sunday afternoon and quiet time in his room the rest of the week. He is doing great with this although bedtime comes a bit earlier these days! Parker also enjoys reading books...cover to cover. He likes to tell me the title, author and identify the book level. He cannot be about to enter Kindergarten!?!

It makes me excited to see these milestones because I know the next ones will be adventuresome, fun and a time to embrace and to learn more about my two little miracles!


One Tuesday morning, I woke up to clouds and 80 degree weather. To the zoo we went! We hadn't been to the Amarillo zoo ALL summer and it was time. We saw the spider monkeys and lions when all of sudden, water began to fall from the sky. "What's that, mommy," said Tate, "wet." It's RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!
We have had 2 inches of rain since January 1, 2011. We celebrated the rain and thanked God for his goodness and answering our prayers right there in the middle of the zoo. Then, we found cover and watched the monkeys bathe themselves with the rain water. Bliss.

Bang - Knot - Scream!

Tate and Parker were playing in my Sunday School room after worship Wednesday evening...the night before Bradley's birthday. There is lots of room to run and play and they enjoy it. I was talking to Bradley and letting him know I was just about to leave when BANG immediately following by a blood-curdling scream. Tate and Parker were playing tag and Tate tripped and fell straight on the edge of a metal chair. The knot on his head was HUGE and stuck out almost 3 inches from his head. Scary. It looked so bad I really couldn't look at him. I felt it and did the necessary things before deciding to call a sweet doctor friend for evaluation. He was sensitive but ok and cleared the neurology tests that Dr. Jan did. We woke him up every hour to make sure he was still conscious and took him back to our pediatrician the next morning. Now, 4 weeks later, the knot is really small and the bruising all down his face is nearly gone. Parker cried. I cried. Bradley cringed. It was terrible! I felt certain our night would be spent in the ER, but the Lord held us and allowed us to go on home. I've seen many a goose eggs during my time as a parent...but this thing, it was scary!

This is Bradley on his birthday with the injury toddler. You could still see the bump looking at the back of Tate's head. It started to bruise that next day but really spread about a week later to his cheeks, eyes and temples. Ugh. Mother of Year. NOT.
Boys will be boys! Momma's heart had just about enough that day!

Swallow or Spit-Out!

Sweet Tate has taken a liking to gum. He would use an entire pack each day if I allowed it! We are still working on spitting it out rather than swallowing it. Life lessons~I didn't count on this one! ;~)

He LOVES to "show" me his gum and make sure I know what color it is!

Movies, Friends and More!

Our precious friend Zachary came to play one Monday! We played outside, inside, Wii, hide 'n' seek, and toys! :) It was so much fun! He is a wonderful friend and started Pre-K this year!
Zachary, Parker & Tate enjoying a sweet treat after rest time!
Tate, Parker and Skylyn (Joy's granddaughter) headed out for a fun lunch!

Enjoying lunch before the movie with three great boys!
Britten and Parker watching Mr. Popper's Penguins. We LOVE the dollar movies!

We are so blessed with great friends!
It was exciting to add friends to our special outings!

Wonderland Wednesday!

FBC Amarillo had a family fun night at Wonderland (a mini six flags in our backyard!). It was h-o-t but it was f-u-n! We enjoyed lots of rides, BIG and small, with all our friends!
Kenlee, Logan, Parker & Tate
Bradley does not like this picture, but these two guys are always working! I'm sure that's what was taking place here ;~)
Helicopter ride with Helicopter James.
Parker's first trip to Wonderland will forever be remembered! He rode the helicopters with James Powell (who is now a sophomore at OSU) and Parker affectionately named him Helicopter James. We love James so much; he always comes to find Parker at Wonderland so they can ride the helicopters!
Brotherly Ride!
Waiting for the Merry Go Round with Daddy!
Riding the train!
Tate LOVED this ride...
...and waited so patiently when Parker wanted to ride a BIG ride!