Friday, June 24, 2011

It's About Time!

Allow me to play catch-up as summer is in full swing! There are several posts below! :) Praying you are doing well and loving life! Bless you my friend!

Water Day at Carver ECA!

What a fun afternoon of water, popsicles and friends!

Show me those colorful tongues, Friends! :)

Panhandle Winds

This spring and early summer, Amarillo has experienced the worst winds and highest temperatures in history. By winds, I mean 50-60 mph on a daily basis and temps above 100 before August! These conditions = horrible fires! Over 80 homes have been destroyed and tens of thousands of acres burned. We received .68 inches of moisture (mostly melted snow) since February 2010. Please join me in prayer for our city and farmers as the drought worsens. I know that God is up there, I know he is listening and I know he cares!

This is what we do pretty much every weekend after a week of winds.
We also have a lot of time to play inside...
Cars, cars, cars...

and brotherly love!

The Lord was sweet to give me a visual reminder that He is in control of ALL things...even in our own backyard. These roses were simply beautiful and were not blown away during the winds. The petite flowers survived but the big tree branches, limbs and leaves did not. Amazing.

When I pray, You answer me; You encourage me by giving me the strength I need.
Psalm 138:3

Great Musicians Need Great Shoes...

and a LOT of them!
Tate puts on about 10 pair of shoes a day. It doesn't matter if they are too big, too small, dirty, clean, his, or another person's, if they match, if he is dressed, etc.!
We love to hear you sing, see you dance, and learn your moves, Tate-r!

These are the last pictures of the "nursery".
Tate's room is now a big-boy room and is finally finished!
Praise the Lord that he loves it and is very excited to show anyone who enters our home!
(Pics to come later...must stay in sequence :)

American Quarter Horse Museum - Amarillo

Last field trip of the school year - American Quarter Horse Museum!

Tabor, Parker and Britten

Waiting for stick horses!

Learning about the lungs of a horse and comparing them with human lungs. This was really neat to show Parker and explain a little more about his asthma to him.

Ride a horsey go to town, ride a horsey don't fall down!

What a great time we had horsin' around! :)

Waiting for Daddy!

On days Daddy comes home before dinner, one can find my boys doing this...

Tate "driving" the big car (affectionately named by Parker)

Smiles and flashes were not in sync that day!

Parker riding his bike up the street, to the the girls house (Caroline & Jillian - our twin friends), and giving us a shout when Daddy comes around the corner!

Parker was rewarded with a new bike in early May for excellent behavior at school all year. I'm so very proud of you my Parkerman!

We love you Daddy! Thank you for always working hard for our family!