Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Beans Visit Amarillo.

Cooper loved playing with Tate and holding him!

Because Tate LOVES ducks, Landri picked out a very special duck for him for his 1st birthday.

Landri Klair (4 TOMORROW!), Parker (4) Tate (11 months) and Cooper (6)

Let me first say, that it just sounds weird to say that the Bean Family is "visiting" Amarillo. Oh how I miss my old neighbors...and sweet friends!! I'm so blessed to be a part of their lives! We been through a lot...pregnancies, babies, family members going to Heaven, daily stuff, two hour phone conversations at 10pm when the kiddos are fast asleep, encouragement to one another, spur of the moment dinner, getting jobs, losing jobs, running out of gas in drive thru at Chick-fil-a with three kids in the car screaming for dinner...oh the memories...BUT it doesn't stop keeps going and for that, I am so, so thankful!

We enjoyed a quick but great visit! Just in case you didn't see, Baylor beat OU in basketball today at OU (hehe, just pickin') Love you and miss you, my Boomer Sooner fans...

Friday, February 12, 2010

what we've been up to...

Growing...Tate is now 11 months! He LOVES to read and LOVES ducks. This pictures he is laughing and then trying to eat the fuzzy duck. He is eating all table food now, drinking water like a pro and wants to walk ALL the time (with assistance, that is!) His new word is ball and he is thrilled when the TV is on! At times, he will even grunt for the remote and scoot over to it, grab it, and point it to the TV. We do NOT watch much TV around here so I'm not exactly sure where he picked up on this!!!

Family and Friends...Bradley's mom came to visit the weekend before the big snow. Bradley's Houston trip was cancelled due to all the snow...which allowed for some great family time and sledding at Medi Park with great friends! Parker was tagged, "Dare Devil!" Parker is excelling in his class with word recognition and writing. He is working hard at focusing even when others are not. Another story--Tate threw his cup on the floor and Bradley said, "No, Tate. That's not a good choice." Tate then cried, louder and louder. Parker told me to remind Daddy to not tell Tate no, but to just "raise his eyebrows"! I love it! Parker knows that when my eyebrows go up, he should stop, think, and make a choice. "Surely Tate will understand, Mom". Such a sweetie!

Ministry...this is Callie and Parker on Dnow Sunday. They feel so special to wear the same shirts as the big kids. Dnow was AWESOME!!!! (I'll try to post pics soon!) Also, each Saturday we have training for the upcoming Mexico Mission trip. Bradley is organizing the middle school ski trip, too. We hope to join him on that trip before he heads on to Mexico! Oh yeah...I'm working, teaching Sunday School, and leading our girls missions group in there somewhere too! Love it ALL!

SNOW...and lots of it! I think we've had almost 20 inches since Christmas.
The Lord has been so sweet to provide some really special moments with the boys and with Him lately. I cherish every moment! Looking forward to a fun day shower, hanging out with the kiddos, and a date with my man! Ahhhh, life is good!

Mom and Dad: I'll update this as much as possible so you can check it while you are away. Enjoy the BEACH!!!! It's supposed to snow here again on Sunday!

These are the highlights...I'll try to fill in the gaps soon!