Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Celebration!

Kissing Baby Tate!

Parker wanted to be in his Spiderman Pj's for naptime...and then left them on for the remainder of Christmas Day! He also got a special treat and slept on his trundle bed since we had so many guests with us! He loved it...hence the picture of his pj's on the trundle bed! It was pretty warm on Christmas Day (55 degrees) and our white Christmas didn't arrive until Saturday was beautiful and a sweet reminder of the cleansing power of Jesus.

Cowboy uniform...too bad they lost yesterday!!

Batman to the rescue!!

Parker loved to open his presents this year!

All Santa's goodies were left by the fireplace...and most of the cookies and milk were gone, too.

This was Parker's first worship service to attend...and stay the entire time. He did great. Sorry for the fuzzy was dark and all the Christmas lights were on. I look forward to when he can worship with us as a "new kid on the pew" at 5 years old! Also, this was our first Christmas to stay in Amarillo and we loved it. We missed home, but enjoyed being with our FBC family on Christmas Eve and reading the Christmas story. Pops, Juju and Uncle Buddy came to visit for the entire week. I enjoyed entertaining and cooking for everyone. We love to have a full house! Parker's favorite thing to do is to dress up and pretend! I think he changes clothes more than I do every day.

He is enjoying his time at home these two weeks. Preschool and regular activities start back January 5th...and tax season begins...and youth activities gear up for DNow, ski trips, mission trips and regular weekly activities. Busy times ahead...oh yeah...and Tate is due early March! What a fun time of year. I look forward to staying at home all the time with the boys come March! I'm going to take some time to plan, dream, and create before 2009 arrives! Parker and Bradley are playing cars now...I'm off to join them! Chick Hicks is for me (I LOVE green), Parker takes all the red cars...his favorite color...and he shares them with Bradley since red is also his favorite color. These are important facts for a 3 year old! Have a wonderful evening!

29 week picture

29 week picture...tate is active, healthy and we are both doing great so far! thank you for your prayers. i go back to the doctor next Wednesday for a regular 2 week check-up. the crib is ready...we are just waiting for a few items to come in before finishes up the nursery. parker told me that he needs a john deere he can drive tate around. his pops is in on this one, i gator for the big kids and one gator for the babies!
you better be good boys this year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


pman likes cookie dough, what a surprise.

it's almost game time for the cowboys, so Parker wanted to show how excited he is!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Visiting Santa at Northpark Mall

Waiting to see Santa

All Aboard!!

Aaron Maggard and Parker off to see trains at Northpark