Monday, January 26, 2009

34 weeks...and the nursery

I'm beginning to feel VERY pregnant!  34 weeks along and doing great complaints except that I don't really have a desire to eat!  Castillo says everything is looking great and on schedule.  We starting weekly appts in Feb!

(after looking at this picture, I realized the canvas was a bit crooked and fixed it!)

William Tate's room is almost finished...curtains still need to be hung and a couple more things on the wall!  After Pops and JuJu's visit in a couple of weeks and our shower, everything should be set!  Gotta think about packing those bags soon!  Yippee!  In the meantime, we had a great weekend with DNow and had over 170 people involved.  The Lord is so good!  Tax season is off to a roaring start for me...but this tax season will be shortened by Tate's birth.  I plan to return to work part-time for tax season only until the kiddos are in school every day.  During the midst of all this, my best friend and her family moved back to Oklahoma this past weekend.  It's only 4 hours away....but when you are used to being right next door...4 hours is a LOOOONG way!  We miss them already but we know this is where the Lord has placed them.  Tomorrow is Parker's first day without Landri Klair at school...we'll see how it goes!  Blessings to you all!  Have a wonderful week (it's snowing here...finally!)

Donuts for Dad!

Parker's preschool had Donuts for Dad morning last week!  Parker loved the donuts and Bradley loved the time with Parker before a crazy weekend with DNow.  Bradley was the speaker for chapel and Parker was part of his sermon.  Parker did great...and Bradley did I hear!  I wanted to be there but it was just for the boys!  


Jason, Parker and Landri Klair reading books!
Chancy and Callie
My big boy!

My boys before leaving for the day.  I am so blessed!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Friends!

First, let me just say that we are glad to be back into a routine after a ton of fun during the holidays! Tax season is here, DNow is in 2 weeks with Mexico shortly thereafter...and Tate's birth. The nursery is almost complete and I will post pictures soon.

I took Parker to preschool yesterday (afterwhich I enjoyed a white chocolate mocha and a wonderful haircut) and he was almost up the stairs and in the door before I could gather his backpack, lunch and napmat! As soon as I said "green light" he was off to find Caw, Marci and Landri Klair!

Speaking of Landri Klair...Parker announced this soon as he woke up..."you and daddy are my best friends and Landri Klair and Thomas" (he has a friend in Sunday School that is Thomas...but I wasn't sure if that was who he was talking about or Thomas the Train!). I told him that was the coolest thing ever..."yeah, I know Mommy! Can I watch Curious George now?" It was a great moment. I know there will come a time that we are not his best friends...and rightfully so since that's not really our place until AFTER he is out of the house (Bradley could go on and on about relationships between teens and parents...but I will spare you!)...and I will enjoy my best friend, Parkerman, for now...all the while bathing him in prayer for those more difficult conversations and life events!

I must get to the grind this morning. My 31 week appt is later this morning...will update soon!